Getting Started with Multichannel Customer Service: The Wells Fargo Way


According to Aberdeen Research, businesses that follow a multichannel strategy achieve twice as many year-over-year improvements in customer satisfaction compared to peers using only a single channel. Still, providing consistent multichannel support isn't easy.

A key component of a successful strategy is having an understanding of customers' channel preferences for support, as well as the type of information they're seeking. But there are also other considerations for getting started.

Find out what they are in this complimentary 30-minute webcast featuring George Larribas, executive vice president, Wells Fargo Bank. He talks with our executive business editor Tom Hoffman, about the steps Wells Fargo is taking to build its multichannel customer service strategy, along with lessons learned.


Attendees will learn:

Best practices for prioritizing the channels customers want to use for support

How to understand the types of information customers seek

Starting points for a successful multichannel customer service strategy