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You may remember them as the Innovator Awards. For the past three years 1to1 Magazine has rewarded the best thinking and results in customer strategy. This year we took the awards to a higher level. We rewarded companies for making their customer strategy work across the enterprise. We set out to reward the companies that created customer strategies that measurably impacted the bottom line.

We separated the awards into four categories. Customer Strategy shows how companies allocate resources to maximize their interactions with customers. This category received the most nominations, and showed itself to be truly global. The judges were most impressed with the results and execution of Cleveland-based KeyBank. Organizational Transformation highlights the difficult job of changing the personnel and culture within a company to better implement customer strategy. Reflect.com best demonstrates this evolution. Technology Optimization shows how rapid advances in customer-centric technology enables impactful customer strategy. Continental Airlines was selected as the company that most embodied using technology for the purpose of improving the customer experience. Finally, in the Privacy category, Hewlett-Packard built privacy into a competitive advantage.

Though the winners are U.S.-based, the finalists were an
international mix, which we show in our second feature "Inside the Mind of a Customer Strategist." All the finalists share common attributes. The first is a desire to initiate a strategy that centers the companies on customers, rather than on products. The second is strong leadership. The third is the leap of faith that comes with all aggressive and impactful business decisions.
Customer strategy-for organizations from KeyBank to the
Singapore Armed Forces-has gone beyond innovation. Being innovative doesn't guarantee results. But true business impact is a result that the companies profiled in the following pages made a reality.

2004 Judges

Anita Rubino

Senior Vice President,

Business Processes

Nielsen Media Research

Roy Barnes

Senior Vice President

Marriott Vacation Club

Dennis J. Upton


Brother International Corporation

Roger Wakelin

Executive Director, Marketing

CAGE North America, Merial Limited

Jack Mitchell

Chairman and CEO

Mitchells of Westport and Greenwich

Fred Wiersema

President and Founder

The Customer Strategy Group

John Deighton

Professor of Business Administration

Harvard Business School

Ed Thompson

Vice President and Research Director, CRM


Susan Schindelar

Sr. Dir. Customer Experience Marketing


Jennifer Barrett

Company Privacy Leader

Acxiom Corporation

J. Trevor Hughes

Executive Director

Intl. Assoc. of Privacy Professionals

Eric Gertler

Author, Chairman and CEO

BlackBook Media Corp.

David Hughes

Manager, Database Marketing


Gerhard Friedrich

Hopkins One, Organizational Change

Johns Hopkins

Steve Cohen

Vice President, Learning Solutions Group

Carlson Marketing Group

Hugh Watson

Chairman of Business Administration Dept.

Terry College of Business, Univ. of Georgia

Dave McCalley

Vice President, Investor Interactions

American Century Investments