Health Alliance Puts Customer Data at Agents' Fingertips

The health insurer streamlined business processes and improved agent productivity and the overall customer experience.
Customer Experience

Speed and efficiency are critical for contact center agents, so that they can accurately assist customers as quickly as possible. Health Alliance Medical Plans, an Illinois-based insurance company, needed to upgrade and unify its business applications to support new products and markets.

The insurance company serves approximately 270,000 members and expanded its services to Nebraska and Washington earlier this year. In addition, it launched its first Medicaid program in September 2013.

"I was charged with making sure that our structure and resources were agile enough to handle the changing marketplace coming with the Affordable Care Act, along with our new Medicaid products and expansion into more states," says Angela Beitelman, Health Alliance director of customer service and audit.

Beitelman selected business process software provider Panviva's SupportPoint solution to streamline her company's support services and applications. When members call the contact center, Health Alliance Medical Plans' agents access their information from six different applications, such as Microsoft Sharepoint,, a web portal, and an enterprise server.

Given that all the applications were not integrated on one platform, it was often challenging for agents to find the right information and quickly help members, according to Beitelman. SupportPoint is a content browser that tracks what a user is doing to deliver contextual information and serves as a guide, says Steve Pappas, senior vice president at Panviva.

"Let's say the member needs to check on an outstanding claim, but doesn't have his or her member ID card, SupportPoint will drive the agent to whichever system they need," explains Pappas.

Even if an agent misspells a procedure, such as colonoscopy, Beitelman adds, the system will "intelligently guess" what the term is and "bring up what our standard insured wellness program is for a colonoscopy and if we have any clients who are exceptions to our norms. It's also right there at their fingerprints."

Beitelman's goal was to have 80 percent of calls answered in 30 seconds or less and agents surpassed the goal by 12 percent. After implementing SupportPoint, the company's average handling time also decreased 18 percent compared to the prior year.

In addition, Health Alliance Medical Plans earned its first JD Power Member Health Plan Study award in March this year and Beitelman credits the system integration for helping it earn a perfect score in overall customer experience.

"During training, our agents were always asking, 'where do I find that information?'" Beitelman says. "Now that we have SupportPoint, we don't have to spend time trying to figure out where we'll get the information or how we'll communicate it."