How Does Your Contact Center Stack Up?


As a contact center leader, you continuously strive to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of your organization. This includes identifying opportunities to strengthen how agents interact with your customers, as well taking the necessary steps to improve FCR rates and other KPIs.

But how do you really know how well your contact center measures up against competitors? Here are some tips from inContact and 1to1 Media on the importance of benchmarking, and how the process ultimately helps strengthen customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business performance.


Readers of this four-page guide will learn how:

Benchmarking contact center operations can help prioritize areas for improvement (e.g. enhancing the customer experience, decreasing operational costs)

Comparing individual contact center activities against best-in-class organizations can help strengthen the business case for vital actions

Negative changes in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and other measurements of customer sentiment can help guide a root cause analysis of underlying performance issues

To measure success and to foster a culture of continuous improvement