A Long and Wonderful Journey

Goodbye from 1to1 Media
Customer Experience
1to1 Media's Editor-in-Chief says farewell to readers and the customer experience community.

It's expected in life that most relationships will eventually end. Whether it's through a change in career, the breakoff of a relationship, or an impending move, farewells are as much a part of life as hellos.

Today I say farewell to 1to1 Media.  It’s been a wonderful journey, one that I’m proud to have taken part in. It started with the concept of CRM and continued onward through many advancements to the customer experience. We covered self-service, multichannel, omnichannel, social service, customer journey mapping, employee engagement, showrooming, the experience economy, NPS, voice of the customer, Big Data, and on and on.  If there was a new process, method, strategy, or buzzword, 1to1 Media was there to cover it and ensure our readers understood how to implement it in their organizations.

People outside of the customer experience space have often asked me how I could cover the same industry for so many years and still remain energized and enthusiastic. My answer is simple: Because it’s constantly evolving. In this next stage we will increasingly see digital’s influence on the customer experience substantially change how companies and organizations interact with their customers. This impending and continuous digital expansion of touchpoints will add increasing complexity to how we engage with customers, but it will also afford us greater opportunities to improve loyalty and expand revenue. It’s going to be an exciting period, and one we all need to closely watch.

For the time being, 1to1 Media will stop providing updates on this ever-evolving journey. The website will no longer be supported by an advertising model and will cease its normal publishing schedule. The site will remain live and readers will be able to access existing content while TeleTech, our parent company, plans for a new future for 1to1 Media in 2017. 

It’s been a pleasure developing content for the customer experience space. I look forward to watching the industry, as well as 1to1 Media, evolve in the coming years. I hope our paths will cross along that journey. 

Best of luck in all your CX endeavors! 


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