Mapping the Customer Journey for Success


Customers have more powerful voices and choice than ever before. With a wide range of channels to conduct product research and interact directly with companies, providing great experiences across touchpoints is essential.

By mapping the customer journey, companies are able to review interactions from start to finish which helps decision-makers identify channel processes that flow seamlessly for customers and those that don't. Understanding how to optimize the customer experience can help companies strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost customer lifetime value, and even generate incremental revenue through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Supported by insights from 1to1 Media, inContact and more, this complimentary guide shares five tips for creating awesome journey maps, as well as valuable recommendations on:

Why customer journey maps matter to contact center leaders

How customer journey mapping, along with cloud technology enables agility and scale

How the Universal Queue helps deliver on customer expectations

The business benefits of a connected customer experience