Mark Nolan, Senior Director, Service Partner Management, T-Mobile

Nolan actively ensures that front-line team members have the knowledge, tools, and empowerment to effectively tackle and resolve customer concerns.
Customer Service

Innovative Thinker

It's easy for customer service departments to over-rely on scripts and guidelines and miss opportunities to earn the loyalty of a customer with a personalized approach. Mark Nolan recognized this tendency after working for more than 20 years in contact center and customer service organizations.

As senior director of service partner management at T-Mobile, Nolan challenged his colleagues to do better. Nolan is spearheading a T-Mobile-wide initiative, 'Finding the Yes,' that is centered on customer centricity. The program is educating all levels of staff from front-liners to executives on specific scenarios and situations in which standard policy and procedures can be broken in order to better help the customer.

Why is he a Customer Champion?

Mark empowers employees to treat customers as individuals by promoting a culture of excellence and ownership.

Champion In Action

Mark is leading a company-wide initiative that focuses on customer centricity. The program is designed to educate all levels of staff on scenarios and situations in which it's appropriate to buck standard policies and procedures to provide a better customer experience.

A key part of this program is not to discipline front-liners when they take an extreme customer-centric approach, even if it involves giving customers significant credits and other actions which may be perceived as overly generous.

Each "un-carrier" customer situation is evaluated and coached independently, Nolan explains. "We want to help our representatives 'find the yes' in a responsible way," he says. "And so we teach folks to consider the reason and circumstance of each situation and decide what makes sense?"

During his time on the Service Partner Management team Nolan has worked to align all processes, key metrics, incentives, and people to the customer experience. He ensured all of T-Mobile's Service Partners understood everyone's top priority is the customer and the customer's experience with T-Mobile. Nolan adjusted frontline CSR's incentives to ensure those have the most positive impact on the overall customer experience received the highest compensations. He also frequently visited each service partner to understand barriers that were preventing the frontline from delivering a great experience for their customers.

Big Results

Nolan's efforts to instill a customer-centric approach in the company has contributed to significant business impact. During Nolan's leadership over the past two years, both T-Mobile's customer satisfaction score and its interval one-call resolution have steadily risen.T-Mobile Care has also been a consistent winner of the J.D. Power industry award over the past 14 measurement periods.