Onserts Can Increase ROI and Capture Audiences


C- Level executives continually strive to find the newest techniques to help their business grow and outdo the competition.Influencing audiences and building a loyal customer base is a key part of any growth strategy. Yet reaching customers in today's digital world is increasingly difficult, as consumers become accustomed to a barrage of promotional content and messages. How can marketers implement techniques that are guaranteed to reach important audiences, while remaining cost effective?

One solution to this issue is transpromo, the printing industry's term for the combination of personalized marketing messaging and "must-read" documents such as bills or statements.

A recent Zoomerang study I conducted of 1,000 18 to 35 year olds revealed that 64 percent of participants would use personalized coupons if printed directly onto monthly statements and bills, with nearly half responding that it would encourage brand loyalty.

That means envelopes filled with impersonal ads are no longer an effective way to capture an audience's attention. The traditional method of communicating via the bill was to include a promotional insert. However, the response rate of these inserts remains low. In fact, 86 percent of those who took the Zoomerang survey said they never respond to promotions printed on separate inserts. Why, then, not break this tradition and give bills and statements the makeover they need?

A successful transpromo campaign will eliminate the use of separate promotional materials. Replacing inserts with onserts-the addition of marketing materials directly on a bill or statement-can also cut printing and mailing costs, and be environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, an organization that uses analytics to predict consumer behavior can present targeted offers based on actual purchase habits.Bills and statements are an existing record of consumer spending habits and can be used to ensure special offers are targeted to each customer. For example, presenting a baseball fan with a coupon for discounted sports clothing on the same bill as his newly purchased tickets for a game is a logical offer based upon that specific consumer's behavior.

Transpromo is a key solution any organization can utilize to help increase ROI while achieving higher sustainability.

About the author: Sandra Zoratti is the vice president of strategic transformation and development at InfoPrint Solutions Company