A Passion for Listening and Learning

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Donna Lendzyk, Manager, Customer Loyalty, SaskTel, maintains a commitment to learning from customers that helps to ensure customer satisfaction.

When Donna Lendzyk launched SaskTel's Customer Champions group in January 2010, her mission was to improve customer satisfaction.

She knew that to be successful she had to get everyone focused on the customer. "We knew that the only way we could do that is if we got the entire corporation on board," says Lendzyk, Manager, Customer Loyalty, for the telecommunications company.

She invited 12 people representing a cross-section of the company (business sales, consumer sales, install and repair, marketing, corporate affairs, human resources, finance, strategic business development, IS, and technology) to join the Customer Champions group. The team has monthly meetings during which they discuss the latest customer satisfaction results and the key actions underway to improve future satisfaction results. This helps to build greater understanding of the latest results and the key actions for improving customer satisfaction.

Lendzyk has also spent time in the field to observe employee and customer interactions. Her intent is to complement the formal research program and gather some customer feedback firsthand. "What it brings me is deeper understanding to leverage the [voice of the customer] by being there," Lendzyk says.

Feedback is important to Lendzyk, and something she considers to be a key approach to improving customer satisfaction. But customer insight, she says, cannot be viewed and analyzed in isolation. Consequently, she led the transformation of SaskTel's feedback and surveying process. The company now integrates customer insight across channels. The feedback has revealed such insight as how employee engagement impacts customer satisfaction.

Lendzyk's team also led an associated initiative to uncover key satisfaction drivers that improved the ability to identify how specific departments are contributing to the overall satisfaction scores. She also worked with her team to suggest approaches across the customer touchpoints that would improve customer satisfaction further.

Looking toward the future, Lendzyk says the company also plans to implement speech analytics to record calls and search for keywords-a process that Lendzyk hopes will capture customer hot buttons and pain points. Last, she plans to link operational metrics to satisfaction data and analyze exactly how individual departments are driving results.

These efforts, she says, are intended to continuously improve satisfaction and productivity. "If you take care of customers and employees, you take care of your bottom line," she says. "That is the only long-term way of success."