Reimagining the Contact Center: A New Vision for Customer Experience Excellence


Contact center leaders face enormous challenges. They struggle to deliver consistent customer experiences across a wide range of channelswhile adhering to organizational cost structures and regulatory compliance requirements. Moreover, the contact center is typically managed as a cost center in which KPIs are often focused on agent productivity and efficiency instead of customer experience and customer satisfaction.

The multichannel, cross-channel customer experience can be optimized by integrating channel support systems. And by fusing channel support data under a unified cloud contact center, agents can deliver more relevant and personalized experiences that can help transform the contact center from a cost center into a hub for delivering exceptional customer experiences. This type of agile and knowledgeable support structure breaks down communications silos to boost customer satisfaction and drive business performance gains.

In this 1to1 Media webinar, industry thought leaders, including guest speaker Kate Leggett, principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., and Madelyn Gengelbach, director, product marketing at inContact, reveal the steps that decision-makers can take to transform the contact center beyond efficiency to effectiveness.

Our presenters discuss how to:

Leverage technology to provide customers with consistent, frictionless support across channels

Unshackle the contact center from outdated technologies to create a responsive organization that delivers quickly on customer preferences and needs

Draw upon best practices from leading practitioners that have created customer experience centers of excellence

Implement effective customer service metrics that blend operational and customer-centric KPIs to drive business value and move the needle