Serving the Self-Service Customer


According to Gartner, the Web self-service space has grown from $600 million in 2011 to $1 billion in 2012. Customers increasingly want to have access to self-service tools, including IVR, chat, mobile, and Web to resolve issues with products and services.

Self-service tools must be designed with the customer journey in mind, though, as poorly designed self-service experiences can have a detrimental effect on the customer-company relationship.

Customers are not the only one benefiting from self-service tools these days; self-service technologies offer huge benefits to organizations as well, by providing a cost-effective alternative to live agent support.

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How the latest Web self-service technologies can enable both customers and companies to enhance the customer experience

Best practices for encouraging the use and reuse of voice self-service platforms

The realities of online self service that may be placing your company's business at risk

How cloud contact centers can enable the flexibility and agility to provide customers with relevant and personalized self-service experiences