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Upcoming In Action Topics Descriptions

Each 1to1 In Action supplement is designed to connect our engaged readers with solutions providers. Pair an advertorial for your company with the feature article written by our award-winning editorial team. Learn about each upcoming feature below:

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July: Emerging Technologies That Help Empower Employees

Industry pundits are calling 2016 "The Year of the Empowered Employee." In the wake of Gallup's recent survey that revealed how disengaged employees cost between $450 billion to $550 billion every year in lost productivity, deploying the right technologies and tools to maintain engaged and loyal employees is more important than ever before.

In this 1to1 Media In Action e-book guide, industry experts reveal today's emerging technologies that empower employees to act in the best interest of customers. From mobile sharing apps, VOC, and information-sharing tools that gather competitive insights and keep employees informed about the latest company updates and customer feedback, to workforce management solutions and gamification and recognition tools that spark team collaboration and inspire and motive employees, companies are in search for solutions. The technologies featured in this guide will ignite the confidence necessary for employees to engage with customers in the best way possible.

Materials Due: June 6th
Publish Date: July 4th

August: A Customer Service Transformation: Tips for Turning Your Call Center into a Customer Engagement Center

Customer service is a differentiator for brands. Businesses that prioritize their service experience stand to reap the rewards: improved customer retention and loyalty and increased revenues. This 1to1 Media In Action e-book guide will offer examples of technologies ranging from cloud platforms that enable omnichannel engagement to voice of the customer solutions that analyze customer insights that help agents deliver the types of first-rate experiences that elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Materials Due: July 4th
Publish Date: August 1st

September: Getting on Board with Business Intelligence

Regardless of whether companies are a mature business or a young startup, they need the ability to make fast and informed decisions that impact the customer experience. From information about BI dashboards to BI analytics tools, this1to1 Media In Action e-book guide will feature the latest BI technologies and expert advice for turning customer data into actionable insights.

Materials Due: August 8th
Publish Date: September 5th

October: Customer Obsessed: New Ways to Drive Loyalty and Win Business

In this hyper-connected world, methods for capturing and keeping customers' loyalty have become the Holy Grail. But in this "switching economy," customer loyalty is the most valuable weapon against attrition. This 1to1 Media In Action e-book will offer expert advice to help companies evolve their old school loyalty approaches into strategies that complement the way today's customers engage with a business.

Materials Due: September 5th
Publish Date: October 3rd

November: Creating Personal Connections via Behavioral Marketing

Understanding your company's customers is great. But knowing their behaviors and the motivations behind their actions is even better. As customer expectations increase and market competition intensifies, marketers need to take behavioral targeting to the next level. In this 1to1 Media In Action guide, industry experts will share technologies and techniques for using the full range of behavioral data that can be used to deepen personal connections with customers.

Materials Due: October 3rd
Publish Date: November 7th

December: The Best CX of 2016 and How to Prepare for 2017

Best-in-class companies take a calculated approach to delivering consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints. Has your organization made the type of progress that was hoped for in 2016? In this 1to1 In Action guide, experts offer advice, tips, and technologies that will vault your organization's customer experiences to the forefront in 2017.

Materials Due: November 7th
Publish Date: December 5th

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