Weekly News Roundup

Customer Strategy
Customer Experience
Mobile-rich media ads increase customer engagement, new real-time behavioral marketing announced, and companies announce acquisitions.


Mobile-Rich Media Ads and Social Networks Increase Customer Engagement

A study by Celtra Inc. found that mobile-rich media ads and social media advertising are a winning combination for customer engagement. The study looked at 32 mobile rich media campaigns with the same or highly comparable creatives on both mobile and social networks. The researchers found that while ads performed well across the board, social media networks were a more engaging environment, rendering up to four times higher ad engagement rates and more than 10 times higher ad content consumption. Ads with specific features, including location-based features, performed significantly better when trafficked to mobile publishers.

Product launches

Act-On Software Launches Act-On Inbound

Act-On Software, a provider of cloud-based integrated marketing automation software, announced the launch of Act-On Inbound, a new application that extends Act-On's marketing automation platform to include advanced inbound marketing capabilities. Act-On Inbound allows customers to optimize their content, blog, and website for search engines, manage keywords for both SEO and AdWords, and accurately measure the effectiveness of these campaigns from start to finish. Act-On Inbound also enables marketers to more effectively tie content and search marketing efforts to optimize revenue performance, gaining visibility into which keywords rank highest what needs to be changed and optimized.

NICE Releases New WFO Solutions

Software solutions provider NICE Systems has released new versions of three work force optimization solutions--Workforce Management, Performance Management, and Incentive Compensation Management versions 6.2. The three products include collaboration, adherence, and gamification features for greater employee engagement. The new versions are integrated via a common interface, creating a single portal through which employees can manage their schedules, track their compensation, and improve performance.

Real Time Behavioral Marketing Software Announced

Real time ecommerce shopping cart recovery company SeeWhy, Inc. has announced SeeWhy Browse Manager. The software triggers real time personalized marketing campaigns based on a shopper's everyday website browsing behavior, targeting 97 percent of website visitors who do not make a purchase and converting up to 30 percent of those targeted. By triggering real time, personalized campaigns based on a visitor's unique interests, behavior, and social signals, Browse Manager increases the probability of closing a sale by 900 percent by getting prospects back to the ecommerce site. Browse Manager can be used in conjunction with SeeWhy's real time shopping cart recovery solution, Conversion Manager, to deliver high ROI.

Verint's New Business Impact Solutions Focus on Regulatory Compliance

Verint Systems Inc. announced the availability of its new Regulatory Compliance solutions designed to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements. These new solutions represent the latest addition to its series of Business Impact Solutions-which include Call Avoidance,Cost-to-Serve, Service Recovery and Personalized Guidance-launched earlier this year. These Complaint Detection Analysis and Contact Center and Retail Branch Regulatory Compliance solutions draw on the company's workforce optimization and voice of the customer analytics technology to record customer interactions across communication channels, analyze them to identify potential compliance violations, categorize complaints, and take action to resolve them in a timely manner before potential escalations or fines.


NICE and Bunchball Partner to Gamify Workforce Optimization Solutions

NICE Systems and Bunchballannounced a partnership that aims to help organizations improve performance among customer-facing and back office employees by using gamification techniques such as virtual challenges, contests, and quests. By working together, NICE and Bunchball plan to provide businesses with an innovative way to incentivize employee excellence, motivate higher levels of service, and facilitate the behaviors that drive results. Combined with NICE's workforce optimization solutions and Bunchball's Nitro gamification platform, the partnership aims to help companies engage employees through games that enhance achievement, progress, recognition, competition, and collaboration.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Salesforce.com Acquires ExactTarget

Salesforce.com, and ExactTarget, a cloud marketing platform, announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which salesforce.com will acquire ExactTarget in a transaction valued at approximately $2.5 billion. The acquisition will combine ExactTarget's digital marketing capabilities with salesforce.com's sales, service and social marketing solutions, creating a marketing platform that spans email, social, mobile, and the web.

SAP Announces Plans to Acquire hybris

SAP announced plans to acquire hybris, an e-commerce technology provider. The acquisition positions SAP to deliver the next-generation e-commerce platform, with the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment. The combination of enterprise solutions from SAP with the omnichannel commerce solutions of hybris will provide enterprises with the enhanced data and tools necessary to optimize margins and customer loyalty. With a holistic view of the customer relationship, SAP solutions help enterprises manage their customer engagement across sales, service, marketing, and commerce.