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A look at the technology developments, industry updates, and research findings announced this week in the customer experience space

Technology Announcements

Bizshark Provides Business Search Platform

Bizshark has launched a business contact search platform aimed at assisting B2B sales professionals, small businesses, freelancers, journalists, and others who are looking for cost-effective ways to create business relationships. Targeting the 28 million small businesses in the US, Bizshark provides roughly 40 million business contacts and more than 14 million company listings is searchable by individual and company name as well as by email address. Bizshark's contact profiles include title, department, phone number, and email information. Additional features include company revenue estimates and built-in company directories by department and geographical location.

C3/CustomerContactChannels Releases Two New Analytics Applications

C3/CustomerContactChannels, a global provider of customer management solutions, announced that its C3 Labs team has released two new apps for internal and client use, focusing on real time views of productivity and metrics. The C3 Analytics app, available for both iPhone and Android devices, provides updates on all key performance metrics delivered straight to managers' smartphones in real time, giving clients and leaders the flexibility of monitoring the operations from virtually anywhere. This app presents the data by client, by enterprise, line of business, or site. The C3 Pulse app adds another layer of data to the analytics platform, provides a visual representation of the call center floor, allowing managers to drill down to an individual seat or agent to view performance or view the center as a whole. The call center floor view is color coded and can display metrics such as average handle time, customer satisfaction, and service level which can help leaders spot the effects of environment on performance and make real time decisions improvement decisions.

To support the growing trend of mobile, EventSpot from Constant Contacthas introduced mobile-enhanced features that allow small businesses and nonprofits to promote and manage their events in a new way. With the Event Check-in for Constant Contact App, attendees benefit from rapid event check-in.

Coveo Goes Live on Salesforce.com's AppExchange

Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud allows customer service agents to access and correlate relevant knowledge from virtually any system, automatically related to the user's work, directly into the Salesforce UI. Coveo for Salesforce automatically "reads" case information and presents relevant knowledge and experts who can help solve the case, slashing case resolution time for dramatically higher levels of customer service performance. By correlating symptoms with case history or automatically pinpointing relevant experts, users now have a greater ability to tap into existing collective knowledge in answering customers.

Curalate Introduces Instagram Analytics and Promotions

Curalate, a visual analytics and marketing platform, announced the immediate availability of Instagram analytics and promotions. As the first company to bring analytics from both Pinterest and Instagram into one consolidated dashboard, Curalate helps companies like HGTV, Gap, and Michael Kors identify and share the images that resonate most with consumers and interact with audiences across multiple social networks simultaneously via multi-platform promotions that grow brand engagement. Specifically, Curalate's new, integrated platform enables brands to consolidate consumer conversations on Pinterest and Instagram into a single feed and create promotions to engage audiences on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook simultaneously.

Firstsource Product Helps Companies Get Actionable Insights

Customized business process outsourced services provider Firstsource Solutions Limited has launched First Customer Intelligence (FCI), a new product aimed at helping organizations gain actionable insights. FCI allows organizations to maintain a view of customer experiences, the service quality delivered, and handling of customer concerns. Organizations will be able leverage FCI to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase revenues across products, processes, customer channels, web strategy, and agent performance. FCI measures customer sentiment, emotions, and behavior across multiple communication channels at an early stage in the customer interaction. It can also be deployed for product launches, test campaigns, market hypothesis, as well as customer profiling through analysis of trigger-based measurement processes. FCI has in-built algorithms and can be integrated with the organization's CRM systems.

Treehouse Interactive Launches Nurturing Campaign Design Tools

Marketing automation company Treehouse Interactive announced a suite of powerful new nurturing campaign design tools as part of its enhanced Marketing View marketing automation platform. Action Studio allows faster and more efficient creation of nurturing campaigns. It uses a drag-and-drop interface to provide unique access to behavioral and contact data when creating automated and personalized nurturing paths, which ultimately helps create more sales-ready leads that produce revenue. Action Studio also gives a complete view of complex campaigns on one screen, and puts powerful tools in marketers' hands to leverage prospect behavior.


Knotice Research Shows Emails Inch Closer to Mobile Tipping Point

A new report by Knotice says that the share of commercial emails opened on mobile devices will be more than 50 percent in the next six to 12 months. The Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report: 2nd Half 2012 shows that most brands are likely to see at least half of commercial emails opened on mobile devices by the end of this year. At the moment, 41 percent of commercial emails are opened on mobile devices, up from 27 per cent a year ago, and a 51 percent increase from the second half of 2012. Further, the report shows that emails are not being viewed on multiple devices, and if a consumer doesn't act on the email when he opens it, it's highly unlikely he will open it on a different device. The hospitality and consumer services industries have the highest mobile email open rates-44 percent and 49 percent respectively.