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A look at the technology developments, partnerships, and research findings announced this week in the customer experience space

New Products and Technology Developments

Cornerstone Releases Salesforce Application

Cloud-based talent management software company Cornerstone OnDemand announced the availability of its Cornerstone for Salesforce business application. The product embeds learning management directly into the Salesforce platform allowing clients to tailor training programs for their sales and service organizations to provide seamless access to sales enablement and just-in-time training from within Salesforce. LinkedIn is among the companies already using Cornerstone for Salesforce to deliver essential knowledge and training for their products and services to both employees and external collaborators worldwide.

Actiance Launches Social Business On-the-Go App

As part of its endeavor to help organizations benefit from communications, collaboration, and social networks, Actiance announced the availability of SocialiteEngage mobile for iPhone, the first in a line of mobile products and services designed to allow for the compliant use of social on any device. The app has an intuitive interface that delivers quick and easy access to Socialite and features a popular content library and key social connections to allow busy financial advisors and distributed team members to build their business, personal brands, and engage while on the move.

Convertro Helps Marketers Measure User Behavior Across Multiple Devices

A solution just released by Convertro optimizes ad campaign effectiveness using cross-attribution of offline and online channels. The Convertro Advanced User Matching allows marketers to directly gain insight into the behavior of users as they move between multiple devices and browsers. As part of Convertro's customer-path-based platform, Convertro Advanced User Matching gives marketers complete, anonymous user behavior data so that they can make more effective decisions about cross-device campaigns and increase conversions in today's multi-device landscape. The solution links anonymous user identifiers with identifiers across multiple devices, allowing Convertro to determine the path that an anonymous user took in navigating a company's marketing collateral prior to conversion, irrespective of what device these interactions took place.

iPerceptions Announces New Active Research Platform

iPerceptions Inc., a provider of online Voice of Customer analytics derived from actual visitor feedback, announced the new iPerceptions' Active Research Platform, which raises the bar in Voice of Customer (VOC) Analytics - while breaking key barriers that have made it impossible for many organizations to use first-class VOC technology. Marketers with any budget can gain customer insights from the iPerceptions Free, which now includes the flexibility of customizable questions and power of unlimited survey responses. This offering also gives users a KPI dashboard, supports 32 languages, and is integrated with Google Analytics.

which improve the speed and accuracy of insights. iPerceptions real visitor, real time industry benchmark gives you an instant snapshot of your performance so you can effective evaluate your results. Professional customers may also benefit from integration with Tealeaf's customer experience management (CEM) solutions from IBM.

KnowledgeTree Announces Solution for Managing the Collateral Lifecycle

KnowledgeTree announced a new suite of cloud-based tools that helps sales teams discover collateral that closes deals, managers identify their most effective content, and marketing groups refine collateral to drive more sales. The solution includes a new functionality that automatically organizes collateral by business concept and surfaces impactful content to sales teams at the right moment. Enterprise sales teams depend on effective collateral, and companies spend billions in time and effort creating collateral, yet sales and marketing teams have no way to identify and reuse what works. KnowledgeTree's solution for sales and marketing teams manages the collateral lifecycle, surfacing perfect content in the right sales context to win deals, while providing insight so materials are constantly improved.

Kenshoo SmartPathTM Delivers Dynamic Cross-Channel Attribution with Intelligent Bid Optimization

Kenshoo, a provider of digital marketing technology, unveiled Kenshoo SmartPathTM, a new product that is a form of algorithmic conversion attribution designed to improve digital marketing bid optimization. Kenshoo SmartPath applies sophisticated mathematical modeling to automatically optimize bids and help marketers make better decisions about where to invest their budgets. The product launch represents the latest in a long line of innovations pioneered by Kenshoo focused on solving marketing problems through disruptive technology.Kenshoo SmartPath dynamically looks at each click and conversion across multiple channels and determines their true business impact. The solution creates a unique model of value allocation for each interaction in any given conversion path and dynamically adapts over time based on customer data, market changes, and media mix effectiveness. This provides marketers with an understanding of the actual impact of all interactions and delivers accuracy in value-based digital media optimization by considering many different factors to measure the contribution of each interaction to a conversion, including causality, synergy, and value of customer loyalty.

CoreMedia's Web Content Management Platform Enhances Mobile and Social Customer Experiences

CoreMedia, a Web Content Management company, announced CoreMedia 7, the latest release of its WCM platform. CoreMedia 7 is designed to help enterprises keep pace and thrive in the rapidly-changing business landscape that is driven by mobility, social engagement, on-demand technology, and content-driven customer interactions. With CoreMedia 7, both business and IT users can respond to the pressure to quickly deliver relevant and engaging content to their customers across multiple channels. Businesses can then rapidly innovate online, enhance customer experience management capabilities, and create revenue-generating customer experiences.


Acceller Partners with Skyword to Develop Custom, Compelling Content

Skyword, the leading content production platform, announced its partnership withAcceller, Inc.,a technology and marketing partner to America's largest telecommunications and cable companies. Acceller will leverage Skyword'sContent Production Platform to help publish valuable informational content to its consumer educational site,DigitalLanding.com, an influential and trusted source of information for consumers researching digital home service decisions. With DigitalLanding.com, Acceller is building the infrastructure of quality content required to reach and engage potential consumers, as well as aid them along the buyer's journey, making the need for high-quality informational content even more essential.


Aggregate Knowledge Explores Strategic Methods to Increase Media Spend Efficiency

Aggregate Knowledge released its Global Media Intelligence Report. Leveraging the analytics engine behind AK's Media Intelligence Platform, the report identifies the most strategic online media buying insights for Fortune 500 brands, advertisers, and agencies, enabling them to turn Big Data into actionable insights. The report, which uncovers key insights into customer engagement and reach, such as why marketers should advertise on one channel over another, focuses on four key indicescost, reach efficiency, user quality, and funnel attributionacross the four most prevalent channels in the digital marketing worldexchanges, networks, portals, and social. Key findings include:

  • Social performs more than 2.5 times better than the indexed average in reach efficiency and its ability to reach exclusive users at the lowest cost.
  • Networks and exchanges perform 35 to 69 percent below the indexed average in reaching high-quality users that can consistently be marketed to.
  • When looking at which channels are seen most in the upper part of the attribution funnel, social and portal influence is the most undervalued.