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This week: new technologies like sales enablement and video chat, as well as new research that looks at how sales reps deliver messaging


Most Companies Believe Less Than Half of Salespeople Deliver Messages as Intended

A survey by sales and marketing messaging company Corporate Visions has found that nearly 60 percent of companies believe less than half of salespeople are delivering new product messages the way they were intended. The first quarter survey among 400 B2B salespeople and marketers also found that:

  • Only 38 percent of respondents said they offer formal training to salespeople for new product launches 75 to 100 percent of the time. Because of this, most salespeople learn the material themselves through the use of static marketing collateral such as PowerPoint presentations, data sheets, phone scripts, and other documents.
  • The top training tools were virtual training, which represented 41 percent of the responses, and collateral, which represented 32 percent. Whiteboarding and role-playing sessions only accounted for three percent of the responses, revealing that training is not as interactive as it should be in order for salespeople to be fully engaged and retain the messages they are given by marketing teams.
  • Only 22 percent of respondents said salespeople are required to demonstrate proficiency in proper messaging.
  • 31 percent of respondents said coaching sessions are never offered to reinforce proper delivery of new product messages.

New Products

ForeSee Launches Word-of-Mouth Index

Technology-driven customer experience analytics company ForeSee has introduced the Word-of-Mouth IndexSM (WoMISM):The Next Generation Net Promoter Score (NPS). The company said WoMI evolves NPS by measuring both likelihood to recommend and likelihood to detract from a specific brand. WoMI delivers on the promise of NPS by creating a more precise, accurate and actionable measurement, allowing organizations to take action to foster more positive word-of-mouth and decrease negative word-of-mouth by increasing customer satisfaction and improving the overall customer experience - taking NPS to the next level of usefulness by providing actionable data. The WoMI methodology has been tested with almost 300 companies over 18 months.

Responsys Unifies Customer Preferences Across Marketing Channels

Cross-channel marketing solutions provider Responsys, Inc. has partnered with customer experience and enterprise preference management solutions provider PossibleNOW to launch Responsys Interact Preference, a new offering within the Responsys Interact Suite that provides marketers with a unified, cross-channel view of customer preferences and permissions. The new solution allows marketers to easily collect and manage preferences across both digital and physical touch points, while mitigating the risk of costly fines and lawsuits, all within one technology platform. The new solution develops a unified view of preferences and permissions across different channels, collects preferences wherever consumers are, and reduces compliance risk.

SAS Launches New Analytics Products

Business analytics provider SAS launched a number of new products during the SAS Global Form last week. Among them is the newly redesigned SAS Customer Intelligence, which helps meet the main challenges faced by marketers-managing customer relationships effectively across channels, creating meaningful customer interactions, and making optimal decisions based on big data. The new release makes advanced analytics more accessible to all marketers and helps them account for marketing investments to the C-suite.

SAS also released a suite of six new high-performance analytics products: SASHigh-Performance Statistics, SASHigh-Performance Data Mining, SASHigh-Performance Text Mining, SASHigh-Performance Optimization, SASHigh-Performance Econometrics, and SASHigh-Performance Forecasting. These products will provide the speed and flexibility of in-memory Big Data analytics with targeted functions to fit business needs. Each of the six new products, which will be available in June, is laser-focused on analytic technique, including data mining, text mining, optimization, forecasting, statistics, and econometrics and are useful across any industry and will help organizations overcome bottlenecks to answer tough questions that often involve large amounts of data. Apart from new algorithms, the new products include high-performance procedures to streamline data preparation and modification, helping decrease the time an analyst spends preparing data for analytical modeling.

SAS also launched a new version of its Business Analytics platform that will add cloud deployment to complement current hosted and on-premise models. Customers will be able to deploy SAS products and solutions in the way that best suits their business. For example, customers who require quick access to SAS software to support an immediate business need or who are looking to reduce upfront costs can choose SAS hosting or a public cloud deployment. Other customers may opt for an on-site deployment for reasons such as tighter data control.

SAVO Releases New Automated Proposals Application

SAVO Group has announced the addition of SAVO Proposals to its suite of sales enablement solutions. With almost 80 percent companies customizing content manually, it's not surprising that most are concerned that sales content, including proposals, isn't accurate. The new product automates the creation and management of customized proposal generation while leveraging analytics that measure how the content of proposals is affecting revenue generation. By identifying patterns in deal outcomes, SAVO Proposals enables sellers to more easily replicate winning proposals.

Moxie Software Brings Crowdsourced Intelligence to Customer Experience

Customer-centric enterprise social software provider Moxie Software announced the availability of Social Knowledgebase , an application that combines collaboration technology with knowledge management. The new solution allows enterprises to tap into the collective knowledge of their employees to enhance service levels by getting the right answers to customers faster. By bridging the gap between knowledge workers and contact centers, Social Knowledgebase enables enterprises to deliver the exceptional customer experiences that socially connected consumers expect.

Podio Instant Messaging and Video Chat Launched by Citrix

Citrix has announced the availability of Podio Chat, including instant messaging, which is already available and video and audio chat, that is planned for release this summer. Podio Chat is designed for the increasingly mobile and dispersed modern team, and enables ad hoc conversations with the right people whenever discussion needs to happen. The solution allows teams to respond quicker and make decisions even faster. The addition of one-to-one and group instant messaging (IM), as well as one-to-one video and audio chat allows Podio to makes it even easier for teams to instantly connect and get the context they need on projects, tasks, business processes and everyday workflow outside of an organized meeting setting.