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A look at the technology developments, industry updates, and research findings announced this week in the customer experience space


New Study Finds that U.S. Consumers Love Brands that Love Them

According to a national survey conducted by Analytic Partners, 48 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 44 feel that future loyalty will depend upon the types of experiences brands create for them, including interactions such as video and online gaming, social media, and third-party expert information. The study, conducted in partnership with Opinion Research Corporation, polled 1,000 consumers, unveiling the shopping behaviors and expectations of American consumers that interact and purchase from brands regularly. Some highlights of the study include:

Sixty-six percent of consumers shop online using mass market sites like Amazon and Walmart.com, with 63 percent expressing loyalty to the brands they buy despite the ability to compare prices.

  • Seventy-five percent of those polled feel that the reviews they read online play a major role in the purchases they make.
  • Female consumers (68 percent) are generally more loyal to brands than males (55 percent). Consumers living in the south also appear to be the most loyal to the brands they buy (67 percent) than those living on the west coast (56 percent).

Technology Developments

Anametrix Launches Collaboration Capabilities

Cloud-based, real-time marketing analytics platform Anametrix has introduced a native collaboration feature that allows multiple users and teams to interact, share feedback, and offer insights on their Anametrix reports and dashboards. Anametrix Collaboration creates a marketing command center that enables marketers, publishers, and digital agencies to share reports and dashboard findings and insights among teams and enable feedback and actions. The collaboration tool also defines and controls collaboration circles before broader distribution, and keeps all interactions on findings or questions entirely within the analytics platform environment. Other functions include new report recommendations within the native analytics environment and sending proactive notifications on relevant reports and insights.

E-Commerce Transformed Into a Collaborative Social Experience

BevyUp announced a cloud-delivered service that enables retailers to add real-time and off-line collaborative shopping capabilities to their online stores. This new service allows two or more people to shop together through co-browsing, communication, and collaboration capabilities that can be added to any e-commerce site. This caters for online purchases that involve more than one decision maker, for example travel that often sees buyers in different cities, states, or countries making a collective purchase. Further, BevyUp's new solution provides actionable intelligence on shoppers' product sentiments and preference in order to help retailers convert sales and capture add-on and up-sell opportunities.

CampaignerSPM Launches New Visibility and Insight Sales Tool

CampaignerCRM, a brand ofj2 Global, Inc., announced the launch ofCampaignerSPM,an Advanced Sales Process Management (SPM) solution. The platform allows businesses to leverage advanced reporting and integrated features to gain insights and identify key trends to secure more leads and wins. CampaignerSPM provides organizations with real-time data and insights, allowing companies to build a repeatable, predictable, and scalable sales process that ensures every sales representative follows the same process, with visibility into each phase of the selling cycle for better decision-making and management.

Clarabridge Adds New Features

Intelligent customer experience management solutions provider Clarabridge, Inc. has released Clarabridge 6.0 that is designed to bring intelligence to every aspect of the customer experience, including listening to, analyzing, operationalizing, and measuring the voice of the customer. The new features include enhanced field-level report distribution to get the most relevant, customized information to stakeholders, presentation-ready insights analysis, and Hadoop via HBase support for accessible Big Data analysis. Additional features include an enhanced reporting User Interface (UI), including customizable dashboard views, report tabs and repositories, and drag-and-drop capabilities.

Omni-Channel Customer Service Suite Launched by KANA
Customer service solutions provider KANASoftware,Inc. introduced an end-to-end omni-channel customer service suite. The next generation of KANA Enterprise is a direct response to the new "everyone serves" customer experience imperative. The omni-channel approach joins up cross, agile and intentional channeling so businesses can ensure a customer's brand experience is positive, consistent and cost-effective across all touch points. The solution builds upon KANA's focus on customer service, realizes the promise of acquisitions made by KANA, and demonstrates strategic product convergence delivering a breadth of capabilities that includes dynamic case management; web self-service; proactive and mobile chat; co-browsing; social listening, proactive analytics and community engagement; email, campaign and white mail management; and advanced knowledge management.KnowledgeTree Announces New Salesforce Enablement Solution

KnowledgeTree, provider of software that helps companies discover and use the best collateral for any sales situation, announced a new solution that helps sales teams close more deals.This solution allows sales executives and account managers to find and share collateral that speaks to prospects' specific business situation right within their current CRM tool. KnowledgeTree's new solution allows sales executives to discover the right content for a prospect's industry, sales stage, and product need, while account managers uncover collateral, such as best practice guides, that keep customers happy and buying more, and marketing teams get insight into what collateral resonates in the market.Marketers gather feedback and analytics about what collateral drives deals and what should be eliminated, gaining increased control over what content is used, and when, throughout a sales process.

Pegasystems Expands Next-Best-Action Marketing Platform

Pegasystems Inc., a provider of business process management and CRM solutions, has added new capabilities to its Next-Best-Action Marketing solution. New capabilities include real-time event triggered actions, including next best actions to take with a customer during a contact center interaction or providing a customer an offer when they are in close proximity to a store or an event. Additional functionality includes group and B2B marketing capabilities that allow companies to take the next best action with a related group of individuals, including households and B2B2C relationships. Pegasystems' enhanced platform can also help companies engage customers in "what if" scenarios to match the best action to each customer's current and future needs.