Cross-Pollination: Sharing Real-Time Customer Insights Between Marketing and the Contact Center


With customers increasingly expecting personalized experiences, customer data provides contact centers with rich opportunities to identify them early and tailor the experience to their exact needs, thus enhancing the interaction and improving business results.


Cognizant of this, savvy contact centers are putting in place technology that enables them to leverage customer intelligence in real time.

Supported by thought leadership from Neustar and 1to1 Media, this white paper provides business leaders with best practices for successfully propagating customer data, as well as:

Why contact centers should strive to identify in-bound customers the moment they call

How organizations can leverage new technologies to link callers to their CRM data instantly

The key challenges preventing businesses from utilizing the full stream of customer data that is available along with recommendations for tackling these issues

Highlights from an exclusive survey conducted by Neustar and 1to1 Media on the opportunities and challenges for sharing customer insights between the contact center and marketing