Following the Data Trail

Advances in data analytics technologies and processes are helping leaders better understand individual customers and uncover new business opportunities.

Customers share mountains of information about themselves. This data trail that customers leave behind can provide companies across all industries with a rich understanding about customers' interests and needs.

But on its own, data itself is nothing more than a series of 1s and 0s. In order to extract value from data, companies need business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools that can make sense of customer data and put it into proper context.

By tapping into customer data with sophisticated tools and techniques, organizations can obtain an in-depth understanding of each customer—information that can be used to personalize individual experiences and invigorate the one-to-one relationship.

In this 1to1 Media In Action guide, industry experts offer readers advice for using business intelligence technologies and techniques that can turn customer data into actionable insights.


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