Nestlé Waters takes a Deeper Look at Customer Data

In a partnership with Salesforce, Nestlé Waters has launched a digital center that ties together offline and online data.
Data Analytics

Analyzing the behavior and needs of consumers is far easier when the data is in front of you. Case in point: Nestlé Waters North America has a new digital Consumer Engagement Center that's housed within Salesforce's New York City office. The command center is staffed by a handful of employees whose job is to monitor and manage both online and offline data about Nestlé's water brands.

Antonio Sciuto, Nestlé Waters North America's CMO, spearheaded the development of the engagement center. With its focus on social listening and analytics, the center reflects Sciuto's belief in social media as an important source of customer insights.

"The best databases are the ones that are available at our fingertips like Facebook and Twitter- they offer a nearly limitless amount of data that can give us a better understanding of our customers," Sciuto told 1to1 Media at last year's Dreamforce conference.

Fast forward to today where Sciuto is putting his words into action. Members of the press were invited to visit the digital center, which holds nine screens that display everything from social chatter on Facebook and Twitter about Nestlé Waters to stats about the brand's email campaigns.

The screens, which are powered by Salesforce's Marketing Cloud and Journey Builder, also display data about Nestlé Waters media buys, and a map of the United States that shows which retailers sell its brands such as Poland Spring, Perrier, and Pure Life. The room also includes a large video screen that can be used for teleconferences or as a whiteboard for brainstorming.

The engagement center serves four purposes, Sciuto explains. The first is to listen to consumers through community management. Second, analyze all of the data that Nestlé Waters has about its customers' behavior and products to create an integrated view of the customer. Third, use that data to engage consumers with relevant messages and fourth, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of future campaigns.

Sciuto did not have ROI stats to share yet about the value of building a digital center, but the room is already being used to map out Nestlé Waters marketing campaigns. For example, partner agencies that are working on the Pure Life brand were recently briefed about a Halloween campaign that wraps small bottles of water in themed packaging using information from the digital center.

While Nestlé Waters will continue to work with its agency partners, it is increasingly bringing tasks such as social listening and analysis in-house. Brand managers, agencies, and Salesforce staff are to collaborate in finding insights and developing content faster than an agency could by itself. "We have to think digital-first because we're following our customers," Sciuto notes while adding that the company also wanted to "create a better way to communicate."

Nestlé Waters is also introducing other Nestlé teams and partners to the digital center. Members of Nestlé's global team and retail partners from its Italian business units recently visited the center. Eventually other teams besides Nestlé Waters will have workers rotating in and out of the center, says Courtney Stacks, senior marketing manager for Nestle Waters North America. "Our goal is to create better ways to engage with consumers and we want to work with as many teams as possible," she says.