The Science of Customer Satisfaction


Organizations that embrace the concept of measuring the customer experience are more successful than those that do not. But with the ever-evolving number of customer touchpoints, an increase in organizational silos, and the rapid rise in consumer empowerment, true customer satisfaction has become increasingly difficult to measure and understand.

Without having robust knowledge of the internal and external factors driving behaviors of multichannel customers, companies can't connect the dots between customer satisfaction and customer experience. As a result, customer satisfaction wanes, churn becomes a threat, and customer loyalty hangs in the balance.

To successfully identify levels of customer satisfaction in real time and across every channel, organizations must evolve beyond the concept of traditional analytics and adopt a scientific approach to measure customer satisfaction one that can break through the organizational and data silos to better gauge the multichannel consumer, correlate and benchmark their levels of satisfaction between channels, apply predictive outcomes, and then act on the information. This methodology works to pinpoint the factors driving the customer experience across channels to identify the behaviors that turn satisfied customers into loyal ones and to prevent unhappy ones from churning.

Supported by insights from ForeSee, this 1to1 Media Webinar provides business leaders with insight into:

The current challenges of analyzing and benchmarking multichannel customer satisfaction

How organizations can integrate their customer analysis across channels for better outcomes

Steps for applying a predictive, scientific approach to their customer satisfaction initiatives

The expected ROI and results of applying a precise, integrated process for measuring and benchmarking customer satisfaction


Larry Freed, President and CEO, ForeSee

Mila D'Antonio, Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media