4 Personas of the Modern CMO in a Digital World

Modern marketers face a massive challenges in the digital shift. How will you adapt?

In interviews with more than 100 digitally focused, modern CMOs, many shared common challenges in the transformation of their roles even with the support of new digital business models. From those interviews, we concluded that the top 20 modern marketing challenges (not in order of importance) include:

  1. Delivering on a creative to commerce vision
  2. Improving marketing automation and optimization
  3. Adjusting to fragmentation of channels, segments, and trends
  4. Investing in audience development
  5. Targeting with precision and less false positives
  6. Dealing with data-driven approaches
  7. Building for intention-driven design in customer experience
  8. Developing in-house ad networks and programmatic strategies
  9. Mastering data and data management platforms
  10. Repositioning the corporate brand for a digital world
  11. Empowering communities and audience development
  12. Attracting and retaining the right skill sets for digital marketing transformation
  13. Identifying new agency and consulting partners to augment efforts
  14. Improving internal employee engagement
  15. Building a culture of behind the brand promise
  16. Creating a P2P model
  17. Aligning marketing strategy with marketing technology
  18. Proving ROI
  19. Crafting compelling contextually relevant content
  20. Getting ahead of the latest disruptive technologies

Modern Marketers Address Four Distinct Personas

As the head marketing role evolves to overcome these challenges and succeed in their roles, Constellation identifies archetypes of the modern CMO. Using an approach that considers marketing strategy versus marketing execution, and audience development versus audience acquisition, four distinct personas emerge:

  1. Brand marketers focus on share of influence.
  2. Demand gen marketers focus on conversion rate optimization and click-through-rates.
  3. Community marketers focus on active member engagement.
  4. Internal communication marketers focus on employee satisfaction and engagement.

The bottom line is that CMOs must manage the priorities of the four personas. While few CMOs can bring all four personas to the table, modern CMOs bring on lieutenants to balance out their weaknesses.Given each of the personas must perform to a different set of metrics, CMOs must identify which areas they need to prioritize.For those who are prioritizing on audience acquisition, brand and demand generation tend to gain focus.For those focusing on audience development, communities and internal communication projects are prioritized.

The modern CMO role will require him or her to manage the portfolio against changing business models and the digital transformation ahead.

Are you ready to transform marketing? How will you develop the four personas of the modern CMO. Add your comments to the blog or reach me via email:R (at) ConstellationR (dot) comorR (at) SoftwareInsider (dot) org.