6 Tips for Delivering a Great Customer Experience Through Your Website

Here are six ways that marketers can improve their customer's Web experience.

Being the leader of a marketing department can be quite challenging regardless of whether you work for a small, medium, or large company. There's messaging to develop, new content to create, and multiple channels to manage. Marketers also need to be well-versed in the latest Web content management technologies to make sure that their corporate messages are reaching customers on multiple devices including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. To develop a long-term relationship with customers through your company's website, you need to deliver the right content at the right time through the right channels to the right people.

Yet one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving this goal comes from an unlikely source-friction between marketing and IT. It's all too common when marketing wants to make a change on the website, such as creating a new landing page for a new campaign that IT needs to get involved. The problem is that most IT departments are overwhelmed with requests and are usually too busy to jump on a marketing request. I refer to this issue as the IT bottleneck and it can often lead to delayed updates on the website and frequently to a less than spectacular customer experience.

One way to tackle this issue is to use technology that allows marketers to make changes to the website in real-time without needing assistance from IT. Empowering marketers to make changes enables them to launch campaigns in less time, support personalization with less effort, and react quickly to changing market conditions.

Making a concerted effort to eliminate the bottleneck between marketing and IT can help any company reduce time-to-market and improve its Web presence, ultimately leading to a superior customer experience and improved ROI. This also gives IT the ability to shed a significant portion of its workload, freeing up time to focus on more operationally critical activities.

Marketers who take the reins of their Web campaigns with a Web content management system that reduces dependency on IT can then focus on creating engaging content that builds a strong customer following. Here are six ways that marketers can improve their customer's Web experience:

  1. Engage your customers where they are-Content needs to be adjusted for multiple channels. A customer may view a website on a tablet device in the morning, on a smartphone while riding on the train, and on a laptop when they arrive at the office.
  2. Messages for me-Don't send a customer information about a product that they have never shown interest in. If a customer recently purchased a new tennis racket, then send him promotions about clothing options for tennis. Also, if you want the customer to have a great experience, make sure that the landing page for the tennis section is up to date.
  3. Smart personalization-Advanced Web content management technologies give marketers a view into a customer's previous visits. A generic 15 percent off coupon is nice, but it's even better when the customer receives a coupon for 15 percent off his next purchase of tennis equipment.
  4. Don't make things too complicated-To make the customer's experience positive, make sure the website is easy to navigate. It's frustrating to have to click on multiple links on different pages to get to the screen you want. One of the easiest ways to lose a customer is to provide broken links and poor search results.
  5. Avoid competing only on price-Holiday sale prices are great, but most companies offer those types of promotions. Customers appreciate it when tips and advice are offered that makes your website one they chose to visit frequently instead of one that simply offers the cheapest products. One recommendation is to share stories about how other customers are using the company's products.
  6. Compelling content-This may seem obvious but you'd be surprised how many websites are painfully out of date. There's nothing worse than going to a company's website and seeing that the most recent blog post is eight months old. Provide fresh content and the customers will keep coming back for more