The Changing Face of Customer Experience


Companies such as Amazon, Zappos, and USAA have raised the bar on customer experience. Regardless of your company's industry, customers expect to receive outstanding experiences at every touchpoint. In short, the ability for companies to deliver consistent customer experiences has become a competitive requirement.

As companies pay greater attention to customer experience, they're also discovering the correlation between customer loyalty and business results. Still, as business leaders look to strengthen business performance through effective customer experience execution, it's critical for them to pay attention to the changing landscape. This includes behavioral changes as it relates to their use of the Web, mobile, social, and other channels. To respond effectively, companies need to listen closely to their customers and address the key cultural barriers that are hindering optimal customer experiences.

In this 1to1 Executive Dialogue, industry thought leaders Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and Mark Grindeland, chief marketing officer at TeleTech, discuss how the customer experience is changing and how these factors are shaping business strategy in 2013.


Readers of this 1to1 Executive Dialogue will discover:

The key factors that are shaping customer experience

How organizational responsibilities for customer experience are shifting and influencing execution

How customers' evolving use of social and mobile channels are challenging businesses to stay ahead of customer trends

How the use of analytics is continuing to evolve to address customer experience across different touchpoints