Delivering Service at the Speed of Customers


According to industry research, the average company loses between 10 to 40 percent of its customers every year. More often than not, the chief cause for customer churn is poor service. So, since customer service sits at the heart of the customer-company relationship, shouldn't the experience you provide to customers be top notch?

In this white paper, we explore three core competencies that allow business leaders to stem the tide of departing customers by delivering on the promise of intuitive, timely, and accurate service: The powers to engage, simplify, and change.

Supported by insights from Pegasystems, 1to1 Media, and industry practitioners, readers will learn how to attain these three core competencies by:

Optimizing their customer support capabilities

Delivering a guided customer service experience

Leveraging the right platform for heightened agility and customer intelligence

Measuring business performance results like customer lifetime value