PetRelocation Fetches More Leads by Sharing Customer Content

Chief of Staff Rachel Truair explains how the company turned customer Q&A's and testimonials into scalable marketing content.

Moving a pet can be an overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing process due to seemingly endless documentation and an array of varying standards and procedures.

For PetRelocation, an Austin,TX-based global pet moving service, providing critical information to customers and prospects when they need it the most not only offers comfort to stressed out pet parents, it also means higher conversion rates.

Content plays an important role in driving customer engagement, making it critical for PetRelocation to deliver a steady stream of information to the right person at the right time. However, in its early days, PetRelocation lacked an efficient way to customize information. The company was answering numerous questions from prospective customers by email and in many cases repeatedly addressing the same topics.

Last year the company started using the content marketing component of Oracle's Marketing Cloud to power its "Ask Our Experts" forum and its blog posts. When prospective customers submit questions like "how do I move my pit bull from the U.S. to Australia?" they receive an email alerting them when the question has been answered on the company's website.

Many of the questions and answers are grouped into categories on PetRelocation's website for other visitors to find. The company also creates blog posts about relevant travel topics and shares user-generated content on its website. Satisfied customers can fill out a form describing their pet's trip and upload photos onto PetRelocation's website. The company also shares relevant customer experiences with prospective clients. "For example, if you're moving to Singapore and you become a lead," says Chief of Staff Rachel Trueair, "one of the things we do through our marketing automation strategy is send one of our customer's Singapore experiences to you during the lead nurturing process."

In addition to providing timely, targeted content to respond to customer inquiries, the company also needed a better lead management system, Trueair explains. "We were spending a lot on pay-per-click campaigns to generate leads but we noticed that the quality of the leads wasn't great," she says. "We realized if we could drive leads by organic search among people who are actively looking for information about our industry, we would produce better results."

PetRelocation's efforts to engage prospects and generate more leads are paying off. Prospective clients who receive an email with a customer's description of a similar trip (versus not receiving the email) are 2.5 times more likely to convert.

The company also boosted its SEO ranking. Google's search algorithm takes about 200 elements into consideration to determine where a website shows up on a search result. Providing relevant content that matches what people are searching for is one of the ways to boost SEO rankings.

By adding user-generated content such as customer success stories and Q&A responses from the "Ask Our Expert" webpage to its website, PetRelocation now shows up in the top three search results on Google for keywords like "pet relocation." And when customers submit a question, the email alerting them of the answer includes information on how to get more information about PetRelocation's services, which has helped generate more leads, according to Truair. The company credits the content marketing platform for generating 47 percent of its new leads through organic search.

"Turning customer Q&A's and success stories into marketing content has helped us better engage new customers in conversations about what's involved in moving a pet," Truair notes. "It [the content marketing solution] also saves us time and let's us focus on creating more content to provide an even better customer experience."