Predictions for the Top 5 Topics During #Advertising Week

Advertising Week 2014 got underway this morning in New York City, with the organization even ringing today's closing stock market bell.
Digital Engagement

Advertising Week 2014 got underway this morning in New York City, with the organization even ringing today's closing stock market bell.

The week-long gathering, which boasts more than 200 events, seminars, and workshops, and held in multiple venues over a six-block radius is one of the largest gatherings of marketing and communications professionals. In its 10th year, the hybrid conference and special events showcase usually shines a bright spotlight on industry challenges and brings little-known trends to the surface. Here are my predictions for the five hottest topics overheard throughout this week's events.

1. 10-Second Storytelling Picks up Speed

With the continued rise of social platforms that force limited length content (Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram), there's no question that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Snapchat posts last 10 seconds, video clips on Vine run six, and Instagram allows 15 seconds. With an increasing amount of daily users, marketers are challenged with how to use these emerging platforms and tell engaging stories in creative ways. A growing number of brands have found that short, sweet content created in personalized ways can promote social sharing and provide a fun, visual experience for customers.

2. Programmatic Ad Buying Gathers Speed

According to a recent Winterberry study, 85 percent of advertiser respondents said they are deploying automated real-time bidding practices today. That percentage will increase as the toolsets, operating processes, and best practices become more readily available. Some point to programmatic buying as one of the biggest growth areas for brands right now. With the growing realization that the programmatic approach will enable marketers to set their own parameters to determine who they want to show particular digital ads, the popularity of programmatic buying will undoubtedly continue to trend upward.

3. Mobile Continues to Drive Engagement

According to Nielsen, people are now spending more time browsing on their mobile devices (34 hours and 17 minutes a month) than on their desktop computers (27 hours and 3 minutes a month). Many marketers have dabbled with mobile marketing but many have failed as well. Going forward, marketers must look at the tools and tactics that will help craft individualized mobile messaging, effectively weave mobile into their overall channel mixes, and then understand the true ROI of mobile when effectively integrated.

4. The Lines Between Traditional and Digital Marketing will Continue to Blur

As the need to deliver a consistent and seamless customer experience across channels deepens, marketers' expertise must span the traditional and digital realms and larger ad budgets will shift from traditional to digital strategies. Consequently, marketers will look for advice and tips on how to thrive in this new blended world.

5. Connecting with the Multi-Screen Audience Will Become an Imperative

As devices get smaller and consumers crave more immediate gratification and instant communications, marketers are faced with addressing the consumers' rapidly shifting media consumption behaviour across multiple devices and screens. Marketers will look to focus on the creative engagement tactics to effectively connect with customers across screens, how behaviour changes across devices, and the types of content to deliver to specific channels.

Are you at Advertising Week? What are some of the top trends and topics that you're hearing?