2009 1to1 Customer Champion: Rosemarie Donzanti, Senior Vice President, Customer Care Services, CVS Caremark, CVS Caremark

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

Rosemarie Donzanti's mother passed away in 1985 from cancer; every morning since Donzanti rededicates her life's work to her mom.

At CVS Caremark, where she serves as senior vice president of customer care services, she relays her intimate story to the new reps to help connect them on a personal level with customers. Because CVS Caremark's mission is to improve customers' quality of life, stories like Donzanti's help employees to deliver experiences that match the type of calls they receive.

Donzanti's philosophy is that providing an excellent service experience really matters. At CVS Caremark, that starts before the employee even begins working at the organization. "Our hiring profile is about someone who has had experience being a caregiver or someone who has an empathetic way of delivering service," she says.

During their initial training Donzanti delivers a presentation to many newly hired customer service reps about the meaning of the work they will do at CVS Caremark. Because her intention is for them to spend time on the phone nurturing customers, she tends to focus on human interest stories and offers real-life examples of customers who have been touched by the care they've received from CVS Caremark agents. It's then that she shares the story about her mother, or her cousin who died of cervical cancer.

She also takes the reps through an exercise where she asks them to think about someone in their lives who struggles with medications or illness and she gets them to relate to that person. She also asks them to bring in a photo of that person to put on their desks to create a connection to callers who have special needs. Such a philosophy means call handle time doesn't matter when the rep is servicing a customer. "We say, 'Each and every call matters.' We don't say, 'Your talk time matters,'" she says. "We let the Supervisors manage the metrics and the efficiencies and rely on the reps to provide a meaningful experience."

Donzanti's passion for customers is evident. Under her leadership, all CVS Caremark PBM call centers have been certified for "Providing and Outstanding Customer Service Experience" under the J.D. Power and Associates Certified Call Center ProgramSM*. The call centers have held this distinction since 2006.

Donzanti's colleagues are inspired by her recent successes. Ken Fisher, vice president of customer care at CVS Caremark, says that her caring attitude is infectious. "She implies that everything we do has meaning that ties back to our core values, and strives toward our goal of improving the quality of life for every CVS Caremark customer," Fisher says.

And Tracy R. Fields, director, client support management, adds that Donzanti is authentic. "She reminds us that what we do for our customers makes a difference in the quality of their lives," Fields says. "Rose doesn't miss an opportunity to make clear this passion, whether to senior leaders of our organization, or with our service representatives who assist customers all day, every day."

For Donzanti, that passion comes from helping customers. "You can go anywhere and get a paycheck. Here we want improving the quality of human life to be [our] mission," Donzanti says. "We have the opportunity to improve human life with every single call."