DeLania K. Truly, Vice President, Sales, Central Region, CUNA Mutual Group

DeLania has become the face of customer experience, guiding everyone to adopt the same customer-first mentality.
Employee Engagement

The CX Evangelist

Being a customer evangelist is an important role at CUNA Mutual Group, and one that DeLania K. Truly, vice president, sales, Central Region, takes seriously. In fact everyone within the CUNA Mutual Group family recognizes Truly as the leading expert on the customer because she regularly evangelizes on behalf of the customer experience at each level within the B2B organization.

Truly leads the company's Customer Experience Task Force in an effort to better understand customer needs. She recognizes that it's important to solve the customer's rational and emotional needs simultaneously to create long-term satisfaction and customer loyalty.

"Customer experience is an absolute passion for me, but I am not alone," Truly explains."We have so many other CX passionate people in our organization, starting with our senior leaders and building throughout our frontline teams who work closest to our customers.Providing a strong customer experience is table stakes for doing business and growing relationships over a lifetime."

Why is she a Customer Champion?

Since assuming responsibility for customer centricity at CUNA Mutual Group, DeLania has become the face of customer experience, guiding everyone from the Board of Directors to frontline employees to adopt the same customer-first mentality.

Champion In Action

DeLania K. Truly revamped the Culture Survey to better understand the drivers behind employee engagement and how employee-related issues impact the customer experience. In response, Truly and her team created the Bright Ideas - Roadblocks section of the CUNA Intranet, which provides employees with a simple way to communicate with her and the customer experience team directly. Such access allows employees to report CX issues or identify opportunities to enhance CX in the future.

To reinforce this initiative, Truly helped restructure how the company shares customer feedback with its sales team to cut the amount of time between receiving and responding to the incoming data. Originally, sales executives received customer feedback three or more weeks after the insight had been submitted. Now, executives receive feedback in less than 48 hours after submission so they can follow up immediately. Easier access to customer data and timely response rates support Truly's customer-centric mindset by putting others' needs ahead of the company's needs.

Big Results

During her time with CUNA Mutual Group thus far, Truly has led the creation of an entire series of customer experience modules focused on: why the customer experience is important; understanding the difference between being a vendor and being a partner; opportunities to drive loyalty through the customer experience; and looking through the customer lens. These modules have already been rolled out across CUNA Mutual's sales and marketing departments, with more soon to follow, thereby creating a consistent CX foundation across the entire company. For example, sales executives can now access customer data within 48 hours of submission, down from three or more weeks initially.