Orange Polska Calls Customer Centricity to the Core of Experience Excellence

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
By moving from a product-oriented approach to customer-centric service, the telecommunications provider incorporates customer insight to address pain points and constantly improve overall experience.
Customer Experience Excellence

Business Boost:Orange Polska increased perceptional NPS from -10,2 to -4,5 and convinced employees to recommend Orange products and services (internal NPS +10).

Though companies must offer worthwhile goods and services, true success hinges on customer satisfaction. For Orange Polska, bringing customer feedback to the fore was instrumental in gaining a competitive advantage. The telecommunications provider, which offers a broad range of services, including mobile, fixed broadband, and television for both B2C and B2B markets, noticed an increasingly challenging market situation toward the end of 2010. With high mobile adoption, downfall trends in fixed voice services, and strong competition within the Internet market, internal change was crucial. With customers becoming increasingly educated and demanding, Orange Polska sought to perfect its customer relations approach by treating each customer with special care.

Orange Polska quickly embarked upon its ambitious journey toward becoming the most-loved operator by the end of 2015 by refocusing its product-oriented mindset on customer centricity and building brand awareness and commitment across the entire organization. By concentrating on cultivating enterprisewide understanding and involvement, Orange Polska's primary goal revolved around enabling employees to positively surprise customers and encourage them to recommend the brand's services. The team conducted research on the customer experience using frontline knowledge to build a map of various customer love and pain points for each stage of contact with the company. From purchase, to set-up and activation, this new approach was designed to raise awareness of the customer perspective while defining projects to address and rectify key pain points.

With the chief customer officer (CCO) driving implementation forward, the Misja Klient program encourages all throughout the company to win customer satisfaction and loyalty by working toward optimal operational efficiency. The brand's "We want to delight our customers" mantra elicits constant repetition not only at management board meetings, but also at top managers' meetings and meetings organized in each Orange region in order to emphasize and reinforce the brand's customer-centric foundation.

"The goal of becoming a customer-centric organization was intuitively right for all managers and employees, though difficult to realize in practice," says Piotr Gajek, chief customer officer and Misja Klient program leader. "We managed to engage the whole company to thrive for this common goal. [Only then] did customer centricity start becoming our company DNA."

Through energetic and entertaining events, such as Orange Summits, the brand facilitates meetings that allow management board members, top managers, and key representatives of the frontline and support staff to collaborate around these new common goals. This dedication to customer excellence also engages managers by offering chances to interact with frontline employees and customers directly, as each manager visits his or her preferred frontline department three times per year to see the operations firsthand while getting involved in daily tasks to "get the flavor" of these common interactions in order to continuously improve service and provide the best customer experience possible.

Because the frontline staff's performance and drive factors into the pursuit of experience excellence so greatly, Orange Polska specifically gathers customer feedback to not only assess NPS, but also to reward the 11 best frontline employees across sales, customer, and technical care each month. The names of these peak performers are communicated companywide, while also providing them with the chance to participate in prestigious events or receive an unexpected monetary bonus. By recognizing these achievements, Orange Polska incentivizes its employees to provide the best service and overall customer experience possible.

While employees are working to ensure customer satisfaction, customer insight specialists actively investigate key drivers of promoters and detractors to understand the customer's perspective as part of the brand's "we listen-we change" initiative. "This way we are able to drill down and understand the reasons of customers' satisfaction or dissatisfaction," Gajek notes. "Knowing the cause, we can track it back to the source of the problem in our company's processes, systems, and offers. We can, with relative precision, apply improving actions. Having this customer insight clearly highlights our priorities, which help us on our way to customer experience excellence."

Now, by dealing with minor complaints directly at the point of sale, introducing case managers and Orange Help on Facebook to help customers solve problems, and facilitating a new delivery process that allows customers to send SMS text messages to adjust their package's arrival date or directly pay the person delivering the modem via credit card, satisfaction has increased. The negative NPS trend has finally been reversed, while NPS regarding delivery jumped eight points. Orange Polska also cites a Socialbakers study, which ranked the brand's Facebook page 5th worldwide as one of the most "socially devoted" companies. The survey also revealed that more than 90 percent of Orange Polska customers are satisfied with Orange Help on Facebook.