The San Antonio Spurs SLAM DUNK Fan Engagement: A 1to1 Media Take 30 Webcast

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
1to1 Media and the San Antonio Spurs discuss employee empowerment strategies that skyrocket the customer experience.



Mila D'Antonio
Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media

1to1 Media and the San Antonio Spurs chat about employee engagement and empowerment strategies that skyrocket the customer experience.

STAMFORD, Connecticut | May 2, 2015 -A lack of formalengagementprograms is the main barrier toemployeeengagement. The San Antonio Spurs' Senior Director of Service Innovation Rebecca Caven, and 1to1 Media's Editor-in-Chief Mila D'Antonio, recently discussed how the Spurs were able to overcome barriers and drive dramatic improvements in fan engagement scores through its FAMILY service values program. The 30-minute video is now available for viewing.

The 2014 NBA Championship team is well known for its rabid fan base, but that loyalty is not just the result of the team racking up championship wins; it's also the culmination of years of dedication and hard work off the courtby all of the employees across the Spurs organization.

This half-hour video interview highlights how the San Antonio Spurs utilizes its FAMILY service values program to improve the fan experience, and provides tips on how other companies can do the same. Business leaders interested in improving their customers' experiences as well as their NPS or CSAT scores will benefit from watching this video.

Key topics discussed:

  • Treating fans like friends, rather than customers, goes a long way
  • Service recovery tips
  • The strategy for getting third-party vendors to buy into your CX strategy
  • How to empower everyone to deliver quality service

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