Seth Hall, Senior Vice President, Customer Service, Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Hall empowers every employee to extend their reach beyond the traditional bounds of customer experience.
Employee Engagement

The Eager Listener

Since joining Philadelphia Insurance Companies in 2009, Seth Hall has spent his time transforming the organization's customer experience program. Hall quickly noticed that customers and prospects had many questions and concerns because of the recession, so he enacted an initiative designed to ensure customer feedback results in meaningful change. Hall recognized that data cannot serve its purpose unless the team pays attention and takes action, closing the loop between company and customer.

"We have made tactical and strategic decisions based off of the feedback we have received directly from our customers," Hall explains. "In addition, we have put in place very robust and comprehensive action management processes whereby we are responding and reacting to surveys within the same day.We are responding to let them know we received their feedback and we are working to determine the appropriate next steps. On many occasions, simply making that call and letting them know we heard them and are taking action is enough to make them believers in our commitment to service."

Why is he a Customer Champion?

Seth encourages the entire company to listen with purpose, empowering every employee to extend their reach beyond the traditional bounds of customer experience, which makes each interaction more personal than the last.

Champion In Action

Seth often takes the time to call customers directly to learn about their experiences with the company, encouraging his executive management team to do the same in an effort to make listening everyone's top priority. His customer-centric spirit has trickled all the way down to frontline employees, as well, for many now take the time to send handwritten thank-you notes to their customers because they, too, feel strongly about creating solid, personal connections. Employees now send notes at such high volumes that these cards are on backorder with the supplier.

Through annual NPS surveys, transactional contact center surveys, and formalized CX strategies, Hall and his team learned that, while customers value Philadelphia's live chat capabilities, many couldn't find the chat button on the website. The company immediately changed its location on the site, thereby increasing chats by 10 percent and reducing call volume. The team also recognized that billing issues accounted for 33 percent of customer complaints. In response, Philadelphia introduced a more efficient billing system so that agents could more effectively manage and assist policyholders.

Big Results

Over the past six years, Hall has proven invaluable throughout Philadelphia Insurance Companies' pursuit of improved CX. For instance, the organization's revenue retention rate rose to 93 percent in 2014, while the account retention rate grew to 90.8 percent. Overall customer service satisfaction scores also rose to 94.6 percent in 2014, as the company hired 33 new account executives and collected more than 50,000 customer survey responses. Between 2010 and 2013, the firm also saw its NPS rise from 52.7 to 55.3. As of 2015, the company's NPS now resides at 57.2