Technology Revs Up Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Strategies
Employee Engagement
Advances in technology are allowing organizations to improve their hiring practices and improve employee engagement through better connectivity.

In an uber competitive world, organizations are doing their utmost to retain their edge, allowing them to not only remain competitive, but also grow. The most forward-thinking companies have long realized that having a good product or being able to deliver a great service isn't enough. Success requires hiring the right people, being able to train them, keep them engaged, and retain them within the company.While there will always be a human element in ensuring a successful employee hiring and retaining strategy, technology is giving organizations a helping hand.

As comedian Seth Mayers noted during this week's IBM Connect, technology has revolutionized the hiring process in the entertainment business. In the past, he explained, prospective employees had to be brought in for an interview to show their comedic streak. But the advent of Twitter has changed this, allowing employers to look at an applicant's jokes before meeting him. "We never hire anyone without having a full sense of their comedic streak," he explains.

Of course, the use and benefit of technology doesn't stop when a person is hired. That is in fact just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond training, technology is providing an effective way for organizations to address one of their main pain points--lack of collaboration among workers, especially ones in different physical locations. "Collaboration is central to how people work together," noted Craig Hayman, general manager or industry solutions at IBM.

Further, not only do collaborative tools help employees do their job more effectively, but they also leave a good feeling. As Hayman noted, employees will remember fondly instances of collaboration and organizations need to systematically create these experiences.

Using the IBM Connections capabilities, organizations are making it easier for employees to share information with each other, and even find the right experts to answer their questions. This system accelerates the learning curve of both new hires and other employees while at the same time keeping high levels of engagement. During this week's conference IBM announced its SaaS-based IBM Kenexa Talent Suite, which uses data to help C-level executives gain actionable insights to make the right hiring choices.

Finally, having high levels or engagement doesn't only benefit organizations because of less churn. As Hayman notes, business results benefit greatly. "Employee experience drives customer experience which in turn drives results," he noted.