Terry Cain, Vice President, Global Customer Engagement, Avnet, Inc.

Cain ensures all employees understand why customer experience matters.
Employee Engagement

The Employee Advocate

Terry Cain firmly believes that solely gathering data doesn't demonstrate genuine customer care. Companies must act upon this feedback and establish a culture that encourages all employees to put the customer first if they're to truly cultivate loyalty and bring about change. To guarantee all employees followed this customer-centric mindset, Cain launched Avnet's 'Journey to Customer Centricity' workshops.

Through these workshops, all employees learn and appreciate Avnet's new CX model and goals, with 5,000 employees having completed this training thus far. Cain takes the time to meet all attendees before the workshops to make them feel comfortable and earn their attention prior to each presentation. Afterward, Cain sends personal thank-you cards to each new hire and attendee, ultimately leading by example and demonstrating the traits all employees should try to emulate in their everyday interactions with the customer.

Why is he a Customer Champion?

Terry created an internal culture dedicated to improving the customer experience by making sure all employees understand why CX matters and how their roles impact customer engagement and relationships.

Champion In Action

Terry and his team implemented an annual customer survey as part of their effort to build a consistent CX program. In 2015, Avnet surveyed more than 100,000 customers, resulting in the creation of Avnet's double-closed loop model, which allows Avnet to fix short-term problems and perform analyses for more permanent initiatives simultaneously.

"We had the opportunity to have real conversations about how we can get to the next level of customer experience maturity," Cain describes. "We had fun and were passionate together dreaming about the possibilities of becoming customer centric, and we were inspired looking at the barriers we'd like to overcome. Ultimately we told stories that reminded us that, even now, in the midst of a technical and social revolution, Avnet makes the world of technology a better place to live, work, and play. Our customers are not just a transaction to process. Avnet recognizes that our customers are the only reason for our business, and that our employees are the means to serve our customers."

These workshops, as well as frontline data access, have saved several key accounts, for employees have the foresight to spot client issues earlier and react quickly to minimize impact. Visibility into this data has been critical in the preservation of pivotal accounts. Cain notes that the flow of information is an output of Avnet's CX focus, and such rapid reactions are worn as an employee badge of honor, as nothing takes priority over making sure clients are happy.

Big Results

While Avnet's enterprisewide CX program may only be in its early stages, Cain and his team have already established NPS as the global KPI for customer engagement, which saw an uptick of four points over the past year. Avnet also now manages all surveys on one single platform, which enables the team to deliver NPS-based relationships surveys to approximately 100,000 customers per year. Internally, Cain led his team to create customer-centric workshops, which have been attended by 5,000 employees and counting.