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Banks Working Hard to Identify Their MVCs Identifying your Most Valuable Customers (MVC) is a fundamental part of any successful customer-based program. A growing number of financial services firms are conducting customer valuation analyses in order to pinpoint profitability. More significantly,

New Medical Privacy Changes Proposed The Bush administration has proposed changes to federal rules that protect the confidentiality of Americans' medical records. The new proposal would relax a federal safeguard that requires patients to provide written permission for disclosure of their rec

Proposal Made to Relax HIPAA Rules The Department of Health and Human Services proposes to do away with part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). A proposal to relax key privacy stipulations could lessen the burden on healthcare industry IT managers who are r

What are some possible consequences of not having a P3P-enabled Web site? Question: Last issue, we defined exactly what a P3P policy is. So what are some possible consequences of not having a P3P-enabled Web site?

Answer: If a visitor to your site uses Internet...

Stronger Body of Evidence for Biometrics in Banking Joel S. Lisker, SVP for security and risk management at MasterCard International, predicts biometric technology will be integral to credit card transactions and e-payment systems. Nevertheless, obstacles remain. The first, says Steve Schutz, the e-strateg

Web Sites Improving Privacy According to the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF), Web sites are using fewer tracking devices and posting more information about their data and privacy practices. In December, the PFF – which studies digital technologies and implications for public p

Readers Speak Out and Yahoo! Weighs In In last week's issue of INSIDE 1to1, Don Peppers took a long, hard look at Yahoo!'s recent changes to its privacy policy, and asked readers to give us their take. We're happy to report that the response to the survey and the article, titled "My Yahoo! Rig