June 2011 Web Exclusives offer the 1to1 take on the customer headlines each day. Led by Editor-in-chief Ginger Conlon, our seasoned editorial team posts content to 1to1media.com daily, offering their perspective on what the top companies are doing right, how business news impacts customer strategy, and which emerging trends and strategies will be the next great frontier for customer success.

Reporter’s Notebook: Customer Trends in Banking At the recent Call Center Week conference in Las Vegas, customer experience was a highlight of many presentations. Jane Judd and Marlene Kanagusuku from Zappos.com spoke to a packed house about their company’s approach to customer service, and even technology companies like Network Solutions and Sprint discussed the need to reorganize their entire businesses around customer needs.

Reporter's Notebook: CDW Formalizes Its VOC Program At a time when many companies have been struggling, CDW has grown to more than $8.8 billion in sales. The provider of technology solutions attributes much of its success to listening and responding to the voice of the customer. The company’s formal customer engagement program, which began in 1999, includes several elements that work together to gain insight from its one-million-plus customer base and then make service enhancements based on that information. Some of those elements are: