October 2015 Expert Opinion offers fresh and provocative ideas from a diverse group of experts. These contributed columns gives readers the chance to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of – not just 1to1 Media experts – but also analysts, practitioners, vendors, and academics.

The 10 Deadly Sins of Customer Experience If you’re doing any of the following, you may be committing a deadly customer service sin.

6 Tips for Delivering a Great Customer Experience Through Your Website Here are six ways that marketers can improve their customer’s Web experience.

How Companies Can Use Social Media as a Sales Pipeline It's crucial to understand how to use this game-changing tool to propel your brand—and bottom line—forward.

The Intersection of Art & Science Mobile video and programmatic are converging faster than anyone could have predicted. Here's why brands should take note of mobile programmatic video.

Location-Aware – Without the Scare! As technology becomes more deeply embedded in all facets of life, marketers need to find the right course of action to deliver location-based messaging.

The Rise of Big Video Marrying Big Data demographic know-how with compelling video content and technology is paramount in building a compelling marketing campaign.

Closing the Management-Contact Center Gap Getting management and contact center staff to align on goals and processes is no small task, but well worth the effort.

Death of the Salesperson? Online retail sales are projected to grow steadily to $370 billion in 2017, so what can today’s salesperson do to survive in a thriving digital economy?