July 2016 Expert Opinion offers fresh and provocative ideas from a diverse group of experts. These contributed columns gives readers the chance to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of – not just 1to1 Media experts – but also analysts, practitioners, vendors, and academics.

The Purpose-Driven Customer Experience The days of simple processes and quality products are gone. Welcome to the new age of customer experience.

5 Core Concepts to Deliver the Ultimate Customer Journey Consider these digital elements to deliver mass personalization at scale

The Rise Of The Empowered Customer Forrester's empowered customer segmentation model measures how customers evolve along the five dimensions of change and at what rate.

3 Innovative Ways to Handle Customer Service Exceptions Here's how customer service can deal with unexpected situations in the contact center that don't require scripts.

CRM and Government's Untapped Potential It's time to apply what we know about CRM and customers to government and constituents. Here's how to get started.