March 2015 Expert Opinion offers fresh and provocative ideas from a diverse group of experts. These contributed columns gives readers the chance to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of – not just 1to1 Media experts – but also analysts, practitioners, vendors, and academics.

5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and Beyond New market research solutions are telling marketers why customers are responding as they do.

How to Create Multiple Narratives in Non Linear Video Marketing Weaving a single marketing campaign across a multitude of video platforms means delivering a compelling non-linear narrative.

Operational Efficiency vs. Customer Experience? It Doesn't Have to Be a Choice Enhancing the customer experience holistically will require the ability for organizations to access a much broader amount of customer data.

Size Doesn’t Matter: It’s How You Use Big Data To achieve Big Data results, data must first be infused into a company’s DNA in an operational way.

Social at Scale Here are some key social media findings from a company's early exploratory days and pilot through the broad rollout.

The Top 3 Reasons Businesses Should Prioritize Web Security in 2015 In light of recent data breaches, a top priority for businesses will be securing their data in 2015. Here are the top three reasons why all businesses should reevaluate their web security standards in 2015.