July 2015 Expert Opinion offers fresh and provocative ideas from a diverse group of experts. These contributed columns gives readers the chance to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of – not just 1to1 Media experts – but also analysts, practitioners, vendors, and academics.

Be Where Your Consumers Are With Cross-Device Advertising The desire for consistency presents a growing need for marketers to have an effective cross-device strategy that maximizes return on ad spend.

Show Customers Love at Every Stage of Their Customer Experience Focusing all of your customer relationship energy on the sale may result in short-term gains. However, if you neglect other stages of your customer lifecycle, you’ve lost out on a huge opportunity to make a life-long, loyal customer.

5 Tips for Creating Value from Raw Data Here are five ways to successfully combine your gut instinct with raw data to unlock value.

4 Steps to Operationalize the Customer Experience While the thought of operations may elicit yawns from creative leaders, failing to make appropriate technology and process improvement investments risks putting the proverbial lipstick on a pig.

Flexing your Cross Media Muscles . How can you make the most out of your cross-media campaign to open the door to deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences? These tips are a great place to start