May 2015 Expert Opinion offers fresh and provocative ideas from a diverse group of experts. These contributed columns gives readers the chance to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of – not just 1to1 Media experts – but also analysts, practitioners, vendors, and academics.

Improving Efficiency Through a Centralized Knowledgebase Here's how a customer-centric approach can help you improve consistency and service levels.

Building Customer Loyalty in a Programmatic World While programmatic might be king, it is only one step in building long-term customer engagement. Consider the following on the journey building customer loyalty.

3 Steps to Grow Your Social Media Service Learning to handle social interactions effectively is critical. Here are three ways that companies can begin the road to social-first customer service.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Customer Experience Manager There are better ways to deliver the best possible customer experience than filling the CX management role.

Plugging Data Leakage It’s time for all stakeholders to step back and take a big-picture view of what the flood of data means to digital advertising, recognize that data leakage is a significant issues and take actions to prevent it.