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As consumer mobile adoption continues to increase, people's expectations of how companies should connect and engage with them have also changed.

As consumer mobile adoption continues to increase, people's expectations of how companies should connect and engage with them have also changed.

At Forrester's Forum for Marketing Leaders last week, Josh Bernoff, senior vice president, idea development, at Forrester Research, shared some insights from the firm's new report, "Marketing Strategy for The Mobile Mind Shift." The findings suggested a complete shift is underway in the way people behave and how they think. "As customers become accustomed to accomplishing tasks and finding information instantly, they begin to expect immediate, always available convenience from every company they interact with," the report cited.

Bernoff said that this new mobile mind shift is a complete change in the psychology of consumers. "This will accelerate every interaction and transform companies," he told the audience. "It's about more than apps; it's about meeting your customers more than half way."

Here's what other marketing experts at the Forum had to say:

- Nigel Burton, CMO, Colgate-Palmolive, advised the audience to establish the best possible connection between customers and their brands. "It's not as simple as saying digital has arrived," he said. "There are still some basic fundamentals of how business operates and are reliant on traditional mediums. One of the things that strongly underpins that is we know how that has worked for us. Will evolve but the basics are still with us."

- Richard Char, managing director and global head of digital networks and retail services, Citi Enterprise Payments, said, "The perpetually connected customer challenges that thesis of everyone wanting SoLoMo.... Stop thinking social media and start thinking about the person, stop thinking location and starting thinking about context, stop thinking mobile and start thinking pervasive interactivity, and location is only relevant in the larger view of context."

- Darren Stoll, global vice president of interactive marketing and analytics, Macys, added, "You can't be an organization that thinks about being customer centricity without knowing how customers interact."

- And Alexandra Morehouse, CMO, Kaiser Permanente, offered this: "Think about your brand as a collection of experiences instead of just logo and ads; and make sure you find a way to connect horizontally across channels."

No matter what your business sells, what industry you're in, or if you customers are B2B or B2C, your marketing organization must adapt to the shift in customers' mobile mindset, otherwise you'll be left behind.

For more advice from marketing professionals at Forrester's Forum for Marketing Leaders about how to adapt to that shift in the mobile mindset, watch this video.

Continue the conversation. How are you adapting your marketing efforts to the shift in the mobile connected customer?

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