Have You Harnessed Opportunities for Mobile Innovation?

Mobile Engagement
Customer Experience
If you don't have a mobile strategy, you're late to the party.

If you don't have a mobile strategy, you're late to the party. According to Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Nick Jones, businesses are missing potentially huge opportunities by not weaving mobile into their customer interaction approaches.During his presentation at the Gartner Customer Strategies and Technologies Summit 2012 in London earlier this week, Jones explained that a mobile strategy requires four key building blocks to support it: demand (e.g., goals, metrics, opportunities), supply (how do we deliver), governance, and risk management (e.g., privacy).

Jones shared several tactics to uncover B2C mobile innovations that can support a mobile strategy or can help that strategy to meet its goals:

Find new information sources. Mobile provides unique insight like customers' location or QR code data that marketers can use to improve the relevancy of their communications and offers.
Try new ingredients in the customer-interaction recipe. Connecting mobile with social networks or contextual data can help to deliver a more personalized customer experience.
Add technology-enabled innovation. New tools like near-field communications (NFC) and augmented reality can enhance the customer's experience in such ways as adding efficiency to an interaction process or providing real-time contextual information.
Support persistent business needs. Companies can gain benefits like costs saving through mobile; for example, moving customer interactions like basic service inquiries to mobile apps.
Capture moments of truth. Collect data on key mobile touchpoints and how those interactions impact the customer experience can help organizations uncover ways to improve them.
Adopt best practices. Businesses can learn from the successes (and missteps) of other companies and apply them to their own mobile strategy.