Total Gym Fitness Boosts Customer Conversion with New Mobile Functions

By adding live chat and self-service automated features to its services, Total Gym Fitness ensures today's mobile-first customers get comprehensive, real-time assistance.
Customer Service

Mobile connectivity has changed the way companies engage with customers. As the importance of mobile continues to grow in every aspect of business, organizations are advancing their mobile engagement and conversion efforts with customers to meet their expectations.

For Total Gym Fitness, a supplier of workout equipment, this meant evolving its core marketing strategy from infomercials to multichannel marketing including the web and mobile sites. Like other companies, the brand has started seeing a significant increase in web traffic, and more recently a major influx of mobile traffic.

To capitalize upon the growth of online traffic, Total Gym sought out an e-commerce partner to help engage and convert prospective customers on its website. Five years ago, the brand partnered with TouchCommerce on a customer engagement program, which now spans across desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

While the brand has been optimizing all aspects of its online engagement program in support of its customer acquisition objectives, Total Gym is particularly focused on mobile engagement and conversion. The first step was to implement live chat for smartphones two years ago, and features such as a transparent background and the ability to minimize live chat windows increased conversion by 2.5 times as compared to a basic design.

Next, Total Gym worked closely with TouchCommerce analysts to customize a self-service automated engagement solution on the smartphone in 2014. The team implemented TouchGuides-product guides that appear as a button on the mobile website enabling smartphone shoppers to take a short survey and receive a product recommendation at the end. An A/B test on the Total Gym mobile site showed that smartphone visitors who may not have been ready for live chat on the mobile phone were five times more likely to engage with the automated mobile guide in early website navigation.

This finding demonstrates that smartphone shoppers have a higher propensity to engage an assistance solution high up in the purchasing funnel-a key insight for the industry. Early results show that after implementing TouchGuides on the smartphone, Total Gym's overall smartphone conversion rate went up by nearly 12 percent. Additionally, smartphone visitors who received some form of help via live chat or the automated TouchGuides converted 697 percent better than non-TouchCommerce-assisted website visitors.

And with regards to Total Fitness' total engagement program, which includes interactions on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices, each $1 spent on engagement efforts as measured by customer conversion rates, customer interaction rates, exposures, click rates, site visits, and more, yielded $9.44 in incremental revenue.

Total Gym continues to experiment with new methods and feature prototypes, including tap responses for smartphone live chat and the possibility of pushing targeted offers to mobile users via email with a unique ID that ties together their interactions. Tests with multiple choice tap responses on tablets, for example, showed that this user experience can expedite a live chat session by 71 percent and two out of three users opting to use the tap responses instead of typing out their messages.

The mobile engagement initiatives play an important role in enabling Total Gym to better serve its customers by providing them with real-time assistance as they navigate the site on their mobile phones. And combined with the company's online engagement efforts on desktop computers, Total Gym's customers can get help wherever they are, at any time, notes Joe Crowley, vice president of marketing at Total Gym Fitness. To elevate the customer experience, it's important to remember that "a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work," Crowley says. "Customers want options and you have to be where your customers are."