Airlines Leverage Holiday Cheer

Customer Experience
Airlines are jumping on the holiday bandwagon and bringing cheer to their passengers.

We're right in the middle of the holiday season and like every other year, organizations are trying their utmost to make the most out of holiday cheer to encourage consumers to make purchases or at least to remain top of mind.Airlines are no different and references to the holidays are being used in their messaging. Delta, for example, has embedded multiple references to the holidays in its safety video, starting with the Nutcracker stowing his hat in the oversized compartment and featuring two snowmen, the Gingerbread Man, and of course Santa and his elf. True to character, Scrooge was unwilling to assist with opening the emergency exit and changed seats.

One airline went over and above and rather than just reference the holiday spirit, WestJet created it. The stunt, caught on a video that has already been seen almost 30 million times on YouTube, saw the Canadian airline grant the holiday wishes of passengers on two flights from Toronto Pearson International Airport and John C. Munro International Airport to Calgary.

As we can imagine, there were some happy travelers leaving the airport lugging their gifts. But what's even more commendable about WestJet's initiative is that it involved its own employees, allowing them to be part of the initiative. Because as WestJet said, "miracles do happen, when we all work as one."

Of course, not every airline can don Santa's hat and surprise their passengers with gifts. In fact, it will be tough to recreate this stunt without arising passengers' suspicion. However, even simple holiday messages can go some way to introduce cheer among passengers.

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