Linking Contact Center and Marketing Data for Enhanced Customer Insight


From the first moment of contact with the call center, customers share a tremendous amount of information, including insights about their needs and preferences. Savvy organizations tap into this data to create unique profiles that can be used to deliver personalized experiences, enhance interactions, and improve business results.

Unfortunately, too many companies are missing out on opportunities to leverage customer data more effectively between the contact center and marketing. According to an exclusive survey conducted by Neustar and 1to1 Media, nearly half (48.6 percent) of companies don't use computer telephony integration to match inbound phone numbers to their CRM data, preventing them from being able to identify customers who call into the contact center or to personalize the experience.

In this 1to1 Media webinar, Peppers & Rogers Group Founding Partner Martha Rogers, Ph.D.; Comcast Sr. Director Business Operations Mike Young; and Neustar, Inc. VP of Product Management Xavier Riley, explore different ways that customer data can be shared between the contact center and marketing to optimize the customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize customer value.

Key highlights of this webinar include:

How the contact center can benefit from using customer data that's gathered by sales and marketing, and vice versa

Why providing customers with personalized and relevant experiences are a critical component for obtaining customer trust

Best practices for applying the right technologies to identify inbound callers and automatically match them with transactional and enterprise data

Key findings from the Neustar/1to1 Media research study

How Comcast is benefitting from linking inbound callers to its CRM system

The business and operational performance gains that can result from having a robust customer identification strategy