Cigna Personalizes Its Approach to Healthcare Customer Service

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Cigna aims to make healthcare a fun, relevant part of each person's everyday life by helping every customer reach their full potential.
Silver: Customer Service Optimization

Business Boost: By treating each customer as an individual, Cigna has seen a 20 percent increase in its transactional NPS, while its GO YOU! Facebook page added 4,396 new "Likes" in November 2012 alone.

Doctors may no longer make house calls, but for Cigna, reviving the personalized approach for today's consumer has boosted engagement and instilled the sort of trust that has been absent from the industry in recent years.

In its move to connect consumers with customer service, Cigna instituted a social media strategy that has enabled it to engage with customers in a way that reaches them on their terms and through their channel of choice. By providing customers with an array of contact channels, Cigna also reinforces transparency in its customer interactions, as customer service professionals actively engage across platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr, podcasts, and YouTube. This online customer service optimization strategy, managed by Cigna's Internet Customer Service (iCSA) team, supports questions about the site, monitors and responds to postings on social media sites 24/7/365, addresses all service related postings, and engages in other areas of the organization when additional support is needed.

"Cigna is committed to helping our customers improve their health, well-being, and sense of security," Eric Galvin, senior director of service operations at Cigna. "We recognize that to be a truly customer-centric company, we need to be where our customers are. By engaging with our customers through social media, we have the opportunity to show them we are listening and demonstrate we want to build a relationship of trust. We want to understand each customer's unique needs so we can deliver solutions relevant to their personal health."

By upholding its mission to care for the individual, Cigna has been able to tap into the opinions, concerns, likes, and dislikes customers frequently share on the Internet to earn their trust in an effort to cultivate brand ambassadors that will embrace and recommend the service to others. Social media also offers Cigna the unique opportunity to reach people who may not be current customers by presenting prospective and current consumers with health-related information, facts, and tips through Cigna's GO YOU! Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube account.

While making health a fun and relevant part of each person's everyday life represents Cigna's primary goal, the GO YOU! brand also honors the individual, recognizing that each customer has their own needs. Cigna strives to help customers be true to themselves and reach their full potential, going beyond benefits coverage and insurance claims by offering health coaches who work with customers to set up personal plans that support their individual health goals. For Cigna, the GO YOU! brand represents the company's overarching mission to earn trust and build long-term, fulfilling customer relationships that inspire, encourage, and celebrate each unique individual.

Since implementing this personalized social strategy, Cigna has seen a 20 percent increase in its transactional NPS, while its GO YOU! Facebook page added 4,396 new "likes" in November 2012 alone. Cigna also set and surpassed its goal to respond to 90 percent of customer-related issues within 30 minutes of posting, often redirecting customers to more personalized service settings, such as phone or direct email when appropriate, to protect confidentiality. Public relations handles inquiries relating to industry criticism, healthcare reforms, and questions about products, with an overall goal to respond to all posts within two hours. However, in November 2012, Cigna exceeded its business goal by responding to more than 99 percent of customer posts within 30 minutes, exhibiting the company's core mission through action.

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