Customer Engagement and Enrichment Is the Focal Point at Photojojo

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Using an array of social networks, Photojojo interacts with photography enthusiasts by sharing relevant content, providing educational tools, and offering superior customer service that boosts customer satisfaction and trust.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, social media allows users to say so much more. For Photojojo, networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest allow this online retailer to expand its reach and engage with customers across today's most popular sites. What started as a twice-per-week email newsletter and blog back in 2006 has blossomed into the photography enthusiast's one-stop-shop for the latest cameras and gadgets, as well as a hub for photography Do-It-Yourself projects and inspiration.

"We've built our reputation by being consistent and original," says Laurel Kate Sittig, customer support lead at Photojojo. "People know they can count on our newsletter showing up in their inbox twice a week, or they can just check in with one of our social media channels when they want a bit of inspiration and they'll always find something new and fun."

From unique tutorials and stimulating projects, to instant cameras and the latest add-ons, Photojojo offers an array of content and goods to pique the interest of photographers at all levels-from amateurs to experts. The staff continuously works together to find ideas and generate engaging content, relying on this dynamic collection of knowledgeable resources and innovative items to create long-lasting, trustable customer bonds. Often times, readers will submit their own ideas, saying they saw an article or photo that made them think of Photojojo.

"I love to see emails from customers who have used one of our products for a photo project of their own," Sittig highlights. "Then we get to show it off like a proud parent."

Though many larger companies are still grappling with their social media strategies, Photojojo's "small, but mighty" team works together to share their love of photography by embracing each new channel that comes into play. Staff members know what to post on each channel before diving into any new social media platform because all team members test-drive the network themselves. Because social media offers an ideal way to connect with followers and customers, Photojojo puts itself in the users' shoes, spending countless hours browsing Tumblr and Facebook to develop a better understanding of what kind of content works best on every platform based on what they'd like to see across each network.

With this team spirit in place, staff members are also able to divide and conquer, each managing the various channels to ensure Photojojo's presence remains visible across all touchpoints. However, this tight-knit team makes sure to always check in with each other through periodic updates to ensure they're all working toward the same goals. By knowing what everyone else is working on, those with a bit of extra time or energy know just where to effectively allocate their time and effort.

Customer Service as the Crux of Customer Loyalty

Photojojo's entire staff takes customer support very seriously, offering great support because they've made it a priority. For Photojojo, making sure there are enough people on the support team is worth every penny if it ensures that the company will be able to give customers the attention they deserve. With guidelines for support team in place, each touchpoint offers customers the same consistent, efficient help, as all staff members are constantly motivated to take each customer interaction personally and handle the matter the way they would hope to be treated themselves.

"We deal with each person on a case-by-case basis," Sittig notes. "If a customer needs a few extra days to get a return to the post office, it's no problem. If they bought a product that they're having trouble using and want to set up a video chat for a bit of extra instruction, we can do that. Every single person on our team has been a customer before, so we just try to respond to customers with the response that we'd hope to get if we were on the other side of the keyboard."

Team Building Launches New Engagement Strategy

Behind Photojojo's success lies the fact that everyone on staff truly loves photography, the Internet, and sharing their love of one via the other. Every team member has a background in photography, so getting to interact with other people online talking about photography, posting photos, looking for latest photo gadgets is simply all in a day's fun for everyone on staff. But, every once in a while, even this enthusiastic team needs to reinvigorate their ambitions.

Every January, the Photojojo staff goes on a "workcation" together, traveling to various locales to have fun, reconnect, take photos, and dream up ideas for the year to come. This past January, everyone began brainstorming about projects they could all work on together, resulting in the brand's newest offering-Photojojo University.

Derived from the staff's love for phone photography, Photojojo University allows iPhone and Android users to sign up for the "Phoneography 101" course. For only $10, this four-week online course enables students to learn the best tips for taking photos with the one gadget that's never far from reach. (Upon completion of the course, students will receive a $5 gift card to the Photojojo store.) Though only recently launched, Photojojo recognizes that this course has the opportunity to further define the brand's voice as an expert in the photography field. By continuously engaging with customers and followers via social media and providing consistent, helpful content, this small business highlights the power of collaboration, cooperation, and the many important lessons in trust and satisfaction even the largest companies must consider.

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