Social Media Powers Sales

Social Media
By leveraging social channels, organizations can ramp up their selling power, helping them acquire new customers, improve retention, and even find the right hires.

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the main means of communication. And with so many people active on social channels, it's not surprising that organizations have been using social for marketing and selling purposes.A study by social sales specialist Jim Keenan found that 78 percent of sales people who use social media manage to outsell their peers. And as 1to1 Media highlighted in this article, customers are more inclined to purchase a brand's products more often after being exposed to that company's messages over social media.

In a cutthroat industry, where it's essential for sales teams to leverage every tool to improve their bottom line, social media needs to become part of an organization's selling strategy. According to Rob Begg, chief marketing officer at Introhive, social media and technology can help leverage stronger business relationships. "Social media can play a significant role in helping sales professionals strengthen relationships and gather intelligence," he notes. Further, Begg says that companies which leverage social selling increase their sales because they focus on selling to people they already have relationships with and are more efficient because they leverage social networks for introduction opportunities.

A second benefit is that social channels make it easier for organizations to keep in touch with their customers and invest in retention strategies. "Organizations which focus only on acquisition and never on retention are destined for failure," he stresses. "Acquiring a new customer is only half of the battle; the next step is keeping them." Social tools allow business leaders to measure and track relationship strength, activity, and trends, allowing companies to proactively determine which accounts are at risk and take action before they lose their customer.

Finally, Begg notes that social channels are also making it easier for organizations to find the right hires. "The most successful companies attribute their success to having a great team," he says. Social selling software gives organizations the tools to identify the right people to fill gaps in their team and ones who can strengthen the brand's relationship with existing customers. Additionally, social tools allow business leaders to also identify which employees are best connected to a prospect, territory, or market and enable them to align accounts based on these relationship strengths.