FedEx Delivers a Better Customer Service Experience via Analytics


Like many companies, FedEx has seen call volume to its contact centers drop in recent years as customers increase their use of self-service tools. But as customer calls handled by agents have become more complex, the logistics giant is using technology to help ensure that calls are being handled as efficiently as possible. This includes the use of customer analytics tools to learn more about why customers call and other insights that can be used to coach agents and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

In this complimentary webcast by 1to1 Media, Larry Midyett, manager, customer service quality assurance at FedEx, discusses:

How FedEx is using customer analytics tools to learn more about its customers and to strengthen the customer service experience

Discoveries that FedEx has realized about the customer service experience that the company has been able to act on

Best practices for using customer analytics and customer data to bolster the customer service experience and fortify contact center performance



Larry MidyettManager, Customer Service Quality Assurance, FedEx

Tom Hoffman, Executive Editor, 1to1 Media