Five Next-Level Customer Engagement Strategies to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Customer experience is the distinguishing factor among contact center professionals, but with companies forced to manage costs, the task of balancing customer experience delivery and efficiency controls is often a tall one.

Listen to special guests Lisa Sutrick and James Heyman, managing directors of Customer Engagement Solutions at Pitney Bowes, discuss four surefire ways to improve customer engagement and efficiency at the point of service.

Key takeaways include:

How accurate, responsive service will increase first-call resolution

Ways to deliver a highly personalized, cross-channel experience with speed and consistency

How to grow revenue with real-time insights and effective multichannel follow-up

Best practices for creating customer interactions that are more personal, relevant, and engaging than ever



Lisa Sutrick Managing Director, Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

James HeymanManaging Director, Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Mila D'Antonio, Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media