Harnessing Performance Management to Elevate the Contact Center


Contact center leaders know there's always room for operational improvement. Still, as the nature of customer service continues to evolve and as customers expand their use of digital channels for support, this operational complexity can make it challenging for organizational leaders to keep a finger on the pulse of performance. Workforce optimization and performance management tools can help simplify and improve performance monitoring and management by providing contact center leaders with actionable, real-time performance updates.

In this 1to1 Webinar, HireVue Support Team Manager, Bradin Wilhelmsen, reviews how performance management processes have evolved for the talent interaction platform provider. Bradin will also share the key gaps that were identified in HireVue's performance management efforts and best practices it employed to re-engage its workforce.


Key takeaways include how to:

Cost-effectively serve customers better by leveraging workforce optimization tools to track KPIs and monitor/rectify performance issues

Identify gaps in performance management and create actionable steps to address them

Identify best practices to inform contact center leaders about agent performance issues quickly

Guide coaching and training in skill deficiencies and strengthen agent engagement


Bradin Wilhelmsen Support Team Manager, HireVue

Christina Cowell, Product Marketing Manager, WFO, inContact

Tom Hoffman, Executive Business Editor, 1to1 Media