Laying the Foundation for the Multichannel Contact Center


The number of touchpoints into an organization continues to increase and so do customer expectations. Two of their key objectives are speed of service and service tailored to their needs. In fact, recent studies show that if customers don't receive assistance within minutes, they'll abandon that service channel. Many organizations are not equipped, however, to manage the increase in customer emails, voice, Web chats, and inquiries through social; legacy systems and unskilled agents often prevent contact centers from evolving their environments to those that can enable agents to swiftly and accurately engage with customers in the growing number of channels.

There is little doubt that a unified and standardized approach for routing, recording, call handing, and reporting of all communications in a contact centercloud universal queueis essential for responding to customers' expectations and for staying competitive.

Before contact centers deploy a Universal Queue, they must first create a strategy for hiring, training, and managing agents who are best skilled at delivering the best service possible in this new environment.


In this 1to1 Webinar, attendees will discover:

Applicable advice for hiring agile agents who are best suited for the multichannel, universal queue environment

Tips for training multichannel agents to stay up to date with the necessary skills to engage in all customer channels

Best practices for managing agents in a multichannel environment

Insights to successfully deploy a cloud universal queue