Revolutionizing the Omnichannel Customer Experience


As customers' use of SMS, Web, mobile, and social channels proliferate, many companies are struggling to provide seamless omnichannel experiences due to channel or functional (customer service, marketing) silos.

"Customers can easily become frustrated by disjointed experiences and will seek out other businesses that can offer an easier path," says Don Peppers, founding partner at Peppers & Rogers Group.

Companies that get it right are able to boost customer satisfaction and enjoy a host of business benefits. Download the new 1to1 In Action guide to find out how.

Readers will discover:

How to connect the customer journey with an integrated customer experience platform

Why delivering more relevant and knowledgeable support can cultivate a loyal customer base

How cloud technology increases connectivity and collaboration across the enterprise

The significance of understanding context in streamlining the cross-channel experience

How to achieve customer engagement consistency across all touchpoints